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To count the performance of the high power led lights

by:SRS     2021-01-15
Leds believe that everybody is not strange, in at ordinary times often can be used to get in life. What are the characteristics of the high power led lamp? 1, long service life, high power led lights up to 50000 hours service life. 2, energy saving, than the high-pressure sodium lamp power saving more than 80%. 3, green environmental protection: high power LED street light do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, no pollution to the environment. 4, security: impact resistance, seismic force is strong, with leds in the visible light range, no ultraviolet ( UV) And infrared ( IR) Radiation. No filament and glass shell, there is no problem of traditional tube rupture, there is no harm to human body, no radiation. 5, high pressure does not absorb dust, eliminates the ordinary street lamp black chimney caused by high pressure absorbing dust caused by lower brightness. 6, no heat, not aging yellow lampshade, eliminates the ordinary street lamp caused by high temperature bake the lampshade aging yellow brightness reduce and shorten life. 7, start without delay: led in nanoseconds, electricity at normal brightness, without waiting, eliminates the traditional street lamp for a long period of time the boot process. 8, no stroboscopic: pure dc, eliminates the traditional street light stroboscopic cause visual fatigue. 9, no bad glare: eliminate common caused by high power, the bad glare of light, dazzling, visual fatigue and eye interference, improve the driving safety and reduce traffic accidents.
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