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Why is solar street lamp widely used in rural areas?

Why is solar street lamp widely used in rural areas?


The Solar street lamp is a new product in recent years, which is mainly used for building new rural roads. Of course, there are solar street lamps on urban roads, but for a variety of reasons, they are not as widely used in cities as in rural areas. What is it that makes solar street lamp sell so well in new rural areas? Join SRS Solar Street Light for a look at the widespread use of Solar streetlights in rural areas.

 solar street lamp

solar street lamp is widely used in rural areas


1. If the solar street lamp has this poverty alleviation policy, the state will pay some money for the solar street lamp, so the pressure on the villagers will not be so great.


2. solar street lamps have many advantages such as energy-saving, environmental protection and zero electricity charges.


3. The installation of a solar street lamp is very convenient, and it does not need to dig and bury electric wires, which saves a lot of construction costs.


Therefore, solar street lamp is widely used in the construction of new countryside. With the increasingly mature solar street lamp technology, it may bring us more surprises in the future. However, the choice of time must pay attention to and regular solar street lamp manufacturer”s cooperation, so that the product has a better guarantee.


Tips for determining if your area is suitable for solar street light


1. Are you looking for greener, cleaner, energy-saving and environment-friendly lighting products


The Solar street lamp is the best green product to replace traditional street lamp. In terms of lamp selection, it USES LED light source, which does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements. Compared with other common light sources, it consumes less energy. In terms of power generation, it is realized through solar irradiation. Solar energy belongs to clean energy and will not produce greenhouse gases in the process of power generation. The energy-storage devices use lithium batteries, which do not produce any harmful heavy metals or substances. From a comprehensive perspective, solar street lamp have achieved environmental protection in a real sense. LED street lamps, also as green products, have advantages in energy conservation and are not as good as the solar street lamp in other aspects.


2. Is electricity available in the lighting areas


solar street lamps have independent power generation systems. One of their advantages is that they can generate electricity wherever there is sunlight. Advantage two, one of the lights is out of order and the other lights can still be illuminated normally. Advantage three, does not produce electricity charge. In some remote areas, there is no way to install LED street lights due to the lack of electrified conditions or an unstable power supply. In this case, solar street lights are the best choice, which can be installed without laying cables.


Three, the level of lighting requirements


Sometimes, the light is just a tool to create atmosphere, just a little light can make people happy. Sometimes, street lamps are used for road lighting to facilitate pedestrians and drivers and do not need to be too bright. Sometimes, the lamp is to take care of the people reading under the lamp, must be bright. Solar LED street lamp has small power and high brightness, which can meet any lighting requirements under the premise of energy saving. Different watts can be selected according to engineering requirements and actual conditions. The color of the light is also optional, in addition to the common cold white light, there is warm light.


Combined with the above three demand analysis, we can judge whether the area is suitable for installing solar street lights. Solar street lamp energy saving and environmental protection, easy installation, no electricity costs, beautiful appearance, suitable for squares, parks, parking lots, roads, courtyards, residential areas and other places. When you choose outdoor lighting products, it is definitely a good option.


Total light emission standard for solar street lamp


An industry term that can be used to measure the luminous capacity of solar street lamps: luminous radiation (Rs), which is the total amount of light emitted by solar street lamps each night, is expressed in LM units.


In addition, there is also a requirement of light quality. This quality includes light type, uniformity, color temperature, fingertip and other elements.


1. Light type: the shape of light hitting the ground


The conversion rate of photoelectricity is very rare, so light is particularly precious for the solar street lamp. In order to maximize the use of every inch of light, research will be conducted on the rational use of light type to reduce the waste of light outside the road. Finally, a patented lens was developed to perform secondary light distribution, making the light parallel to the road and improving the utilization rate of light.


2. Uniformity: the difference between the brightest and darkest light on the road


A comparison test was conducted between the local ordinary solar street lamp and the smart solar street lamp. Through the comparison, the data were obtained: the ordinary street lamps had a 60-watt light source, and the central illumination was 32,7 meters, 5,10 meters, and 0.


3. Color temperature: the color sense of light perceived by human eyes


Light source color temperature is different, light color is also different. The light with low color temperature tends to be yellow, which we call warm colors. On the emotional level, warm colors give people a warm feeling. Color temperature high light bias white, in the emotional, cold tone to the visual sense of the cold. In effect, high color temperature white light used for road lighting has an intermediate visual effect, good visibility, brighter than low color temperature yellow light. But the color temperature too high or too low will cause the uncomfortable feeling to the person, the one mentioned above author points out that "the village of solar street light with ghost stories about" it is just because of the color temperature is not reasonable, different environment, the color temperature on the emotional and function has a different meaning, not only to keep the color temperature is appropriate, has more to do in a different environment and adapt to the temperature effect.


4. CRI: the degree to which the light source restores the color of the object


The higher the index, the stronger the reduction ability of light, but the brightness will be smaller. Show to show unreasonable, can cause the light environment that builds to also be poorer, similarly conversely. On the light index of a smart solar street lamp, it is recommended to take a middle way, which should be ≥70.


5. Dazzling light: eyes feel the dazzling intensity of light


Glare can cause visual fatigue. It has certain effects on the eyes and causes eye discomfort. Glare may cause certain dangers when driving or exercising outdoors. Therefore, no glare, anti-glare is also a standard of light quality. The ultimate goal of pursuing light quality is to make your eyes more comfortable. In the research and development of solar street lamp products, we also pay attention to anti-glare, so that users can have a better light environment.

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