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Separate solar street light

Separate solar street  light working modes: time control, light control, intelligent control,to achieve the most efficient use of resources. Separate solar street light battery use lead-acid battery with Nano waterproof technology,IP67; or use lithium battery,Intelligent protection, high efficiency conversion. large capacity,ultra-long endurance. safe and reliable. Separated street lamp use Import high brightness led source (Bridgelux,Philips, Osram), longlife, high lumen, can reach up to 210LM/W,strong heat dissipotion non-frequent flash, low light decoy, low energy consumption.More than 80% more luminous efficiency than normal Led. Separate solar street light price,high cost performance,0 electricity,free wiring,low maintenance costs. Separate Solar street light source wattage, solar street light pole height, shape, etc. can be customized according to customer requirements.

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