SRS 21 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

2 National patent golden medals,19 invention patents, 160 Utility model and design patents.


Main products: solar street light, solar flood lights,solar garden light,solar lawn light,solar wall light,solar pillar light, solar power system.

Sparated solar street light

Solar garden light

Semi-integrated solar street light

All in one solar street light

Solar flood light

Solar lawn light

Solar pillar light

Solar wall light

Solar ceiling light

Solar power system


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August 26

Sky Resources Solar Technology Co., Ltd. (SRS) was established on March 28, 2000 and belongs to the national high-technology enterprise. SRS has established 7 production bases and 27 branches in various places.




The solar street lamp lighting project was completed in 2008 and is still in work, with a history of 12 years.


1. solar street light pole is 13m, 8 car lines and 3 green area,total width of road is 80m,80m, the total length of road is 11. 7km.
2. solar stree light power is 200W+75W, solar panel 175WP*66 (9.2m2), which equivalent to 1000W sodium light.
3. Backup days is over 35 days,this has been tested.

4. 14 class wind resistance level


Know as "the first road of the world " by China's energy ministry.


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Our company also has won more than 130 national honor certificates and is in the leading position in the solar industry,good at solar powered street lights.

CCTV1 / CCTV2 / CCTV7 / CCTV10 four major video channels on the list,more than 500 antuoritatiove online nedia,report the brand of solar powered street lights.

What do solar garden lights meaning?
Solar garden lights are one of the lighting lamps for the courtyard, namely outdoor lighting lamps. Many people don't know much about solar garden lights, so here is SRS solar garden lights factory.
How to clean and maintain solar garden lights?
Solar garden lights are made of mono or polycrystalline silicon solar cell module, bracket, lamp pole, lamp holder, special bulb, battery, battery box, floor cage, etc. Lamp holder modelling many appearances are colorful, multicolored, chic and elegant, solar garden lights can wait for the courtyard, park, amusement park to dress up the poetic picture. solar garden lights can be used for 4-5 days of continuous lighting with a sufficient amount of electricity, and work for 8-10 hours a day. They can also be designed according to users' special requirements.
How to choose solar street light correctly?
As a green energy product, solar street lights have the advantages of high performance-price ratio, low installation cost, no wiring, easy installation, and environmental protection compared to traditional city circuit lights. With the development of science and technology, the brightness and backup days of solar street lights have also been greatly improved, and the scope of use has become wider and wider, such as squares, basketball courts, villas, communities, homes, farms, and so on.


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