SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

SRS integrated solar street light combination of various control schemes (human  induction, time control, light control, intelfigent control,remote control to achieve the most efficient use of resources. Integrated solar street light refined design, no unnecessary materials, maximize the use of solar energy to make lamps, 100% area utilization. Integrated solar street light installation is very easy, just two screws. The light arm can be made locally. saving transportation costs. the lamps caneven be transported by motorbike, reallγ for the sake of users, saving every penny. Integrated solar street light battery use super capacitance type lithium electric power, high efficiency conversion, ultra-long endurance, 2000 deep cycle times, safe and reliable. Integrated solar street light simple and flexible installation, a wider range of uses. It can be installed at the door, yard, alley, road, pathway, etc.

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