SRS 23 years Professional in PV intelligent application,solar powered street lights.

Semi-integrated Solar Street Light

SRS semi-integrated solar street light, light source, intelligent controller and battery are integrated by the die-casting aluminum structure, with steerable solar panels,the efficiency is higher. Suitable for more installation locations convenient for procument ,transpαtalion, instalation and maintenance. Semi-integrated solar street light with lithium battery,Intelligent protection, high efficiency conversion. super capacitance type , ultra-long endurance, the maximum deep cycle can reach over 2000 times, safe and reliable. Semi-integrated solar led street light use import Intelligent super bright LED chip (Philips, Osram,Bridgelux ),  long lifespan. high luminous efficiency,strong heat dissipotion non-frequent flash, low light decoy, low energy consumption, can reach up to 140LM/W. Semi-integrated solar street light simple transportation and installation of a 4-core waterproof plug. easy maintenance. strong reliability.

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