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How to choose solar street lamp manufacturers?

How to choose solar street lamp manufacturers?


Now there are a lot of users for solar street lamp demand is very large, but the market solar street lamp industry is now very competitive, so how do we choose the right solar street lamp manufacturers?

solar street lamp manufacturer

Selection skills of solar street lamp manufacturers

Step 1: Negotiate

User want to buy solar street light, give your ideas and requirements, to manufacturers, such as some of the construction drawings, electrical drawings and layout drawings and so on CAD drawings, the best user after the company after a detailed discussion decision scheme, determine what type of, such as height, color, style, type, etc., one-time tell manufacturer of solar street lamps, Otherwise, solar street lamp manufacturers can only provide a general plan, which may make customers dissatisfied. Both sides should constantly change their opinions, which will bring a lot of trouble to the late quotation and production, and even affect the product quality. In this process, the solar street lamp manufacturer will carefully listen to the user's opinions, make a record, if found that the customer is not clear, will take the initiative to contact the customer, until all understand the customer's opinions.

Step 2: style selection and quotation

In solar street lamps factory received user some construction drawings and layout drawings or intention to figure, the manufacturer will according to the customer to provide, examine the feasibility of the user's request, and then select some style pictures to show the customer, if the customer can feel, like provided by the manufacturer of solar street light picture style, Solar street lamp manufacturers will further provide detailed work drawings and detailed quotation of picture styles. At this time, customers can also provide solar street lamp manufacturers with renderings if they need them.

The quotation sheet and drawings of each product (solar street lamp, solar garden lamp, solar landscape lamp, solar lawn lamp) listed in the above detailed specifications, technology, materials (including thickness, model number), price, embedded parts CAD drawings. Not only is "how much is the solar courtyard lamp 3.5m high" this general statement, should include detailed description, for example, the lamp is produced by the large tube group, what style of solar courtyard lamp, tube thickness, process treatment and other related content, these should be noted by the solar street lamp company.

When the user receives the engineering drawing and quotation, we must carefully read item by item, check the description in the quotation, whether it meets our requirements, whether the solar street lamp manufacturer provides all the information, such as whether there is freight, tax or embedded parts. Many customers only look at the overall offer a lot of time, if the total offer does not include some customers want to think that do not have to pay the cost, then the user will suffer economic losses, but also easy to cause disputes.

Sometimes customers if it is not clear to lamps and lanterns, solar garden light, solar street lights, solar landscape lights, solar lawn light) is what appearance, can ask solar street lamp manufacturers to provide independent rendering and 3 d figure, customers received solar street lamp manufacturers provide drawings, for you don't understand to ask clear, don't feel right place also should timely correction, It will take 1-2 weeks from negotiation to final offer confirmation until it is considered satisfactory.

Step 3: Confirm

When users are satisfied with the quotation and drawings provided by the solar street lamp manufacturer, they can enter the stage of signing and confirming. The contract signed by both parties generally includes: The two sides signed name, product name, product price, product detail, product cost, product warranty, payment method (indicating paragraphs first after goods or goods), the production period (working days not including holidays), designated as national, as well as the two sides responsibility or obligation, this contract is in duplicate, commonly customers and solar street lamps manufacturers each hold one copy, If the solar street lamp manufacturer did not give the customer, the customer should take the initiative to the manufacturer to obtain, as the proof of future use.

When a user for solar street light provided by the company is happy with the design drawings and quotations, can enter the contract confirmation stage, the two sides signed the contract generally includes: both sides signed name, shipping costs, payment (indicate the installment or one-time), production cycle (is working days, not the date of completion), as well as the two sides responsibility or obligation. In addition, an annex is provided, which usually includes a quotation, design drawings and samples for the itemized items. The contract and appendix are usually made in duplicate, one for the customer and one for the solar street lamp company. If the solar street lamp company did not give the user, the user should take the initiative to the company to obtain, as the proof of future use.

Step 4: Acceptance

This is the last stage of the whole process, and also the most important stage of the project. General manufacturers after the completion of production will be through the digital camera to produce good products to take physical drawings to let customers know, so that customers know at a glance, customers think that the improper place, the two sides have communicated many times, solar street lamp manufacturers modify, until customer satisfaction. When the modification is completed, the manufacturer will pack and arrange shipment. Most of the time, the freight is paid by the customer. You can let the manufacturer talk about the freight with the logistics. After all, the manufacturer often delivers goods, and the logistics is relatively familiar, so the freight can be saved a little.

Solar street lamp manufacturers will generally tell customers the warranty period, how to install the lights. There are some complex solar street lamps, also provide detailed drawings, provide installation. Even solar street lamp manufacturers will follow the car to the site to guide the installation.

How to buy the right solar LED street lamp?

1. The principle of selection on demand. Calculate the required battery capacity and number according to your own needs.

2. The principle of safety selection is based on the principle of safety. Should choose a certain brand of battery manufacturers and technical strength, good service distribution agents.

According to the quality of the product, some battery life is only 2-3 years, and some battery life is as long as 10 years. Compare and choose the battery that is more suitable for the user. Of course, for a solar street lamp, both the battery and the solar panel are important components, and the light source part of the lamp is also a key element in the selection, such as which system is suitable. Now customers will use 3.2V system solar street lamp, 12V system solar street lamp. Lamps and lanterns choose correct, only when using ability is lit. The light plate and the controller are indispensable.

Points to note when using solar street lamps

(1) Do not let hard objects or sharp objects impact solar street lamp panels, otherwise the solar panel will be damaged.

② In the process of use, the solar panel needs to be cleaned regularly (the time can be half a year). Keep the surface clean, otherwise the conversion efficiency will be affected.

(3) in use do not let some things (such as branches, billboards, etc.) block the surface, otherwise it will affect the conversion efficiency.

(4) when installing solar energy, the need to tilt 30 degrees south.

In the daily use of solar street lamp batteries need to pay attention to:

(1) the buried box needs to be sealed in order to be waterproof; If the buried box is damaged or broken, it should be replaced in time.

(2) the positive and negative terminals of the battery are strictly prohibited from short connection; Otherwise, the battery will be damaged.

(3) the general service life of the battery is two to three years; After this period of time, the battery needs to be replaced in time.

(4) It is forbidden to throw stones and other objects to lamps.

(5) Change the lighting control mode of lamps strictly according to the Settings.

(6) Timely adjust the elevation or levelness of the lamp when there is deviation.

For more information about solar street lamp, please contact SRS solar street lamp manufacturer.

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