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HOLO SPACE GROUP visit the SRS factory and experience

HOLO SPACE GROUP visit the SRS factory and experience


On July 23, <<Factory-stores Joint association>> that was organized and promoted by HOLO SPACE GROUP, entered the high-quality strength manufacturers, and deep into relavant discovery halls. Users can directly interact face-to-face with the factory, to know the true product, the real price, and feel the zero distance era, Let all products show transparent only under the light.

Members were led by Mr. Lei Zongping who is SRS CEO to visit the SRS factory and experience the transparent production line. During the visit, Mr. Lei with great interest to explain the industry knowledge and wide-ranging use of solar street lamps, such as how to identify the quality of solar lamps, and how the core technology of SRS solves the world's problems.



SRS solar street light

Solar street lights are widely demanded in urban roads, communities, factories and other places. but how to identify a good solar street light?

Mr. Lei is the founder of SRS , has been focusing on lighting design experience for 24 years and has the preeminent contributions on the solar street light invention, SRS always focusing on the research and development of solar street lamps, since its establishment in 2000, up to now  it has 20 years professional experience in this flied, In the past of 20 years, the solar street lamp industry has been changing constantly. The other factories mark virtual standard parameters and use the shoddy materials to hit and disrupted the solar street light market, SRS remains true to the original aspiration: From the heart to help others, let more people can use the cheaper, convenient solar street lamp and no need to worry about the after-sale service.

Because of the focus on professionalism, SRS has attracted a group of professional talents.  In the past 20 years, got 161 independent research and development patents,2 national patent invention golden medal,  more than 130 awards, and installation qualification certificates, and was named  of the "China Top 10 solar Street Lamp Brands"



Fully transparent production process

SRS people, a group of people for a lifetime, only to do a good solar street light. Adopting core patent technology, compared with traditional technology: the same performance, rainy days are 3-5 times of traditional technology, life span is 5-7 times, brightness exceeds 120% illumination index, more than traditional solar street light energy saving 80%. The real realization to save solar panels, save money and save electricity.

Continuously research and develop solar light technology, strive to break through innovation, solve more solar energy industry problems and change leaders; strictly control the production of raw materials, control raw material quality from LED chips, solar panels, batteries, wire and other raw materials, to prevent cutting corners. Product quality is critical: lighting test, waterproof test and other processes, make each product meets the standards.




LL-409 lighting test



Dream light 268 lighting test


Visit the Guzhen town experience hall




Flood light introduction



Lawn light introduction



Mosquito killing lamp introduction



Introduction to photovoltaic power station

Solar street light on-site ordering.......

Through the introduction of the solar street lights industry, SRS Company and solar street lights, the members of the joint office have further understanding of the solar street lights and recognized the SRS products. They have purchased the new product of SRS - Dream light 268. Members of the joint office said that the street lights of the factory should be replaced with solar street lights. Some members also said: It is necessary to take the SRS solar street light back to their hometown and used by the elderly. Solar street lights bring more than just the light, but the warmth behind them. 



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