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How to clean and maintain solar garden lights?

How to clean and maintain solar garden lights?


Solar garden lights are made of mono or polycrystalline silicon solar cell module, bracket, lamp pole, lamp holder, special bulb, battery, battery box, floor cage, etc. Lamp holder modelling many appearances are colorful, multicolored, chic and elegant, solar garden lights can wait for the courtyard, park, amusement park to dress up the poetic picture. Solar garden lights can be used for 4-5 days of continuous lighting with a sufficient amount of electricity, and work for 8-10 hours a day. They can also be designed according to users' special requirements. With its characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, beautiful and elegant modeling, by the public consumers’ love, also becomes a new favorite lamps and lanterns market. So, after installing solar garden lights, how to clean and maintain? First of all, it should be emphasized that the maintenance of solar garden lights must be done by a professional. If there is any problem, contact the solar garden lights manufacturer.

Cleaning and maintenance of solar garden lights


After purchasing and installing the solar garden lamp, customers can clean and maintain the outside of the garden lamp at ordinary times, so as to maintain the beauty of the solar garden lamp and extend its service life. When cleaning, want to use a wet dishcloth to wipe, and the movement should maintain the same direction, do not rub back and forth wipe, wipe strength also want moderate. Attention should be paid to:


1. Do not hang articles on the lamp, such as hanging quilts;


2. frequently switch, will greatly reduce its service life, so the use of lamps and lanterns to reduce the switch;


3. in the use or cleaning lamp shade tilt, should be readily corrected, in order to maintain beautifully;


4. when adjusting the lampshade, pay attention to avoid the light inside the trident bracket when the light reflects shadow.


If the solar garden lights do not turn on, please contact the staff of the solar garden lights manufacturer. Do not disassemble and inspect the solar garden lights by yourself.


Performance of solar garden lights


Solar garden lights mainly rely on solar panels to generate electricity, through the solar controller to store electrical energy in the battery, no need for manual control, regardless of spring, summer, autumn and winter can automatically according to the light and shade level, automatically open and close, all charging, discharge, open and close complete intelligent and automatic control. Solar panels in good light conditions photoelectric conversion rate of 16%, the service life of up to 30 years; Solar lamp controller adopts the integrated design of light control + time control, waterproof and cold protection, which greatly reduces the failure rate. The light source adopts a special LED light source for solar garden lights, which has high luminous efficiency and practical service life of more than 50000 hours. The lamp body is welded with Q235 high quality steel. The surface is galvanized, sprayed with plastic and treated with anticorrosion. It is not rusting, aging resistant, smooth and clean.


Solar garden lights for decorative products. Design style or simple fashion, or classical romance, or luxurious, or elegant. The structure is simple and elegant. It can not only highlight the characteristics of classical architectural culture, but also display the popular and fashionable urban style in many aspects. Both modern and classical architectural environments have their own reasons. Classical but not staid, heavy but not lack vitality, fashion but not floating, elegant and yet stable atmosphere, very valuable for viewing and use.


Solar garden lights series lighting is the decoration and lighting source configuration form commonly used in places such as garden scenic spot, cultural leisure and entertainment square, pedestrian street, commercial street, residential district and on both sides of the carriageway. It is a decorative lighting product. The rod body is made of various materials, the light source is used flexibly, and the structure is in various shapes. It is an organic combination of beautification, lighting and greening, as well as a perfect crystallization of light and shadow, lamp and art.


In addition to its own advantages, the solar garden lights manufacturer also needs to make sure that it is made of sufficient materials, that the solar modules used are not stolen from their capacity, and that the light source is of good quality. As a matter of fact, not all solar garden lights manufacturers are able to do this. Many solar garden lights manufacturers want to keep their customers at a low price, but they also want to make a profit, so they will do something about solar garden lights.


So we have to distinguish what kind of solar garden lights quality is guaranteed, the first is to see its light source is where? If the light source is an American brand, but the price of led solar garden lamp is exactly very low, then we can know that the quality of such a solar garden lamp is not guaranteed.

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