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How to choose solar street light correctly?

How to choose solar street light correctly?


As a green energy product, solar street lights have the advantages of high performance-price ratio, low installation cost, no wiring, easy installation, and environmental protection compared to traditional city circuit lights. With the development of science and technology, the brightness and backup days of solar street lights have also been greatly improved, and the scope of use has become wider and wider, such as squares, basketball courts, villas, communities, homes, farms, and so on.

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However, the level of the solar power street light industry is uneven, and there are problems such as short life, low brightness, short backup days, and high maintenance costs. So, how do we choose a good solar street light in the complex market?

SRS has been engaged in the research and production of solar street lamps for 21 years, is a participant in the national solar street light industry standard, and has a wealth of knowledge about solar street lamps. We believe that to choose a good solar street light, we must choose from 4 aspects:

1. Choose solar street lights according to the height of installation.

The higher the installation height, the greater the total lumens of the solar street light, in order to achieve the brightness that the customers want.

2. The working life of the solar street light system.

Good quality solar street light system can work normally for 8-10 years. But the solar street lamps on the market are all assembled, without technology, and most of them have a life of 1-2 years.

3. The number of days of solar street lamp continuously backup days.

Solar streetlights mainly absorb solar energy for power generation. How many rainy days can they work continuously is an important factor in choosing solar power street lights.

4. After-sales service and maintenance costs.

Solar street light is mainly composed of solar panel, battery, controller, LED light, and hardware. The battery and LED light may need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Then, the after-sales service of the merchant and the cost of repairing solar street lights are also important factors that need to be considered when buying solar street lights.

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