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How to buy a solar street lamp?

How to buy a solar street lamp?


With the increasing shortage of traditional energy, the use of solar energy is more and more extensive, many people do not know solar street lamp products, resulting in the purchase of solar street lamps often have poor quality, poor brightness and short lighting time and other shortcomings. SRS solar street light suppliers will show you how to buy solar street lamps.

solar street lamp 

5 tips for buying a solar street lamp

Skill one, judge solar street lamp manufacturer is normal

Watch the video to see the size of the entity, see whether the certificate (safety production license, product quality testing certificate, public account, and product testing report) is complete, see the online word of mouth, see customer response and after-sales service policy, if there are conditions to go to the field, this is a very direct way.


Skill two, look at the wall thickness of the solar street lamp pole and whether it is hot-dip galvanized

Road lamp pole hot-dip galvanizing can guarantee 20 years not to rust, and the cold galvanizing process often can only maintain about 3-5 years, the choice of cold galvanizing short time can not see the problem, a long time will affect the appearance. The wall thickness of the conventional 5 meters and 6 meters solar road lamp post is 2.5, now many manufacturers choose 2.3, but do not choose a lower than 2.3 wall thickness of the road lamp post, in summer typhoon areas may occur in the light post-fracture, very affect the safety of pedestrians.


Skill three, look at the solar street lamp system voltage and configuration size

For solar street lamp used for conventional road lighting, try to choose 12V system voltage instead of 3.2v system voltage. Although 3.2v solar street lamps are cheap, small series are not recommended. Why is that? You can read the article "solar street lamp system voltage choice 3.2v or 12V" written by xiaobao before, which explains this problem in detail. As for the size of its configuration, if you want a good lighting effect, try not to choose a low configuration of a solar street lamp, you should let solar street lamp manufacturers calculate a reasonable configuration according to your actual needs.


Skill four, look at the brand of the solar lithium battery cell

Large brands of solar lithium battery cell cycle times, the natural service life will be long.


Skill five, look at the solar road lamp chip brand

Different brands of solar road lighting chips have different light efficiency and lumen number.


The higher the number of lumens, the higher the brightness, so want to better brightness to choose a big brand of solar road lamp chip, and the service life of the big brand is longer.


Points to note when buying a solar street lamp


In order to save costs, some solar street light suppliers have made great efforts in the accessories of solar street lamp. The vast majority of suppliers will purchase from some irregular manufacturers, and lack two weights on the power of the panels, resulting in the lack of panel power generation, resulting in the failure of solar street lamp to work normally; They also take the method of reducing the capacity of the battery to shoddy, reduce the cost, unjust enrichment; However, among all the accessories of solar street lamp, the cost is relatively low, but the failure rate is the highest.

There are a lot of manufacturers of solar street light sources, but the number of manufacturers with qualified products is not too many. Some solar street light suppliers often sell their products at a low price. The products may break down or even be damaged in a short time, which has caused a great negative impact on the application of solar street lights.


Most solar street light suppliers are using inferior steel, pipe diameter wall thickness, such as the lack of two jacks, the surface of the use of cold galvanized, resulting in poor wind resistance, poor surface treatment process, will cause a short time plastic layer fall off, color loss and other problems.

These low-end products are used for a period of time, is the configuration damage, can't work properly, and the brightness continues to drop, until the dead light.

These five skills will be very helpful to the purchase of a solar street lamp. Now the market environment is chaotic and low-quality products are rampant. I believe that all purchasers who master these five skills are "semi-experts" in the solar street lamp industry.


The main components of solar street lamps


The solar street lamp is composed of the following parts: solar panel, solar controller, battery pack, light source, lamp pole and lamp housing. If the output power supply is ac 220V or 110V, the inverter shall be configured.


1. Solar panels: 

The Solar panel is the core part of solar street lamp, and also the most valuable part of solar street lamp. Its function is to convert the solar radiation capacity into electrical energy, or send it to the storage battery for storage. There are three kinds of solar cells, such as monocrystalline silicon solar cell, polycrystalline silicon solar cell and amorphous silicon solar cell. In the east and west of China, polysilicon solar cells are preferred because the production process of polysilicon solar cells is relatively simple and the price is lower than monocrystalline cells. It is better to use monocrystalline silicon solar cell in the southern region where there are more cloudy and rainy days and the sunlight is not quite enough, because the performance parameters of the monocrystalline silicon solar cell are stable. Amorphous silicon solar cells are better when there is not enough sunlight outside, because amorphous silicon solar cells require less sunlight.


2. Solar controller

Regardless of the solar street lamp size, good performance of the charging and the discharging controller is essential. In order to prolong the service life of the battery, the charging and discharging conditions must be limited to prevent the overcharging and deep charging of the battery. In the place where the temperature difference is large, the qualified controller should also have the function of temperature compensation. At the same time, the solar controller should have both the function of street light control, with the function of light control and time control, and should have the function of automatic load control at night, so as to prolong the working time of street light in cloudy and rainy days.


3. Solar street lamp battery

Due to the unstable input energy of the solar photovoltaic power generation system, it is generally necessary to configure the battery system to work. There are generally lead-acid battery, ni-cd battery, ni-h battery. The choice of battery capacity should generally follow the following principles: first, under the premise of meeting the requirements of night lighting, the energy of solar cell modules in the day should be stored as far as possible, and at the same time, the energy required to meet the requirements of continuous cloudy and rainy night lighting should be stored. Battery capacity is too small to meet the needs of night lighting, the battery is too large, on the one hand, the battery is always in a state of the deficit, affect the battery life, and cause waste. The accumulator should be matched with the solar cell and the electric load (street lamp). There is a simple way to determine the relationship between them. The solar cell power must be more than four times higher than the load power for the system to work properly. The voltage of the solar cell should exceed the working voltage of the battery by 20-30% to ensure the normal negative charge to the battery. The capacity of the battery must be 6 times higher than the daily consumption of the load.


4, the light source

solar street lamp use what kind of light source is solar road lamps and lanterns of important indexes that can be used normally, solar road lamps and lanterns commonly use low pressure, low-pressure sodium lamp, energy-saving lamps energy-saving lamps, LED light source.


(1) low-voltage energy-saving lamp: small power, high efficiency, but 2000 hours of service life, low voltage lamp tube black, generally suitable for solar lawn lights, garden lights.


(2) low-pressure sodium lamp: low-pressure sodium lamp light effect is high (up to 200Lm/w), but the inverter is needed, low-pressure sodium lamp price is expensive, the whole system is high, using less.


(3) non-polar lamp: low power, high light efficiency. The light in the 220 v (pure sine wave, frequency 50 hz) under the condition of normal mains, life can reach 50000 hours, on the solar street lamps and lanterns is greatly reduced and the service life than common energy-saving lamps (because solar street lamps and lanterns is a square wave inverter, solar power 220 v output frequency, a bit, it cannot be compared with the ordinary mains voltage).


(4) LED: LED light source, long life, up to 100,000 hours, low operating voltage, no need for an inverter, high light efficiency, 50 Lm/w domestic, 80 Lm/w imported. With the progress of technology, the performance of LED will be further improved. The author thinks that LED as the light source of solar street lamp will be a trend.


5. Lamp pole and lamp shell

The lamp pole height of the solar street lamp should be determined according to the width of the road, the distance between lamps and lanterns, and the illumination standard of the road. Lamp shell according to we collected a lot of foreign solar street lamp data, between beautiful and energy-saving, most choose energy-saving, lamp appearance requirements are not high, relatively practical on the line.

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