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What are the differences between solar street lamps?

What are the differences between solar street lamps?


The development trend of solar street lights is very rapid, but to make the solar street lamps give full play to the effect of itself, must choose the best solar street lamp, on modeling design, general with single-arm arms street lamp, street lamp, solar street lamps, pseudo-classic style lamp lights are also there are several kinds of landscape lighting, they are the right field is not the same.


The differences between different solar street lamps

1. Single-arm solar street lamp

This kind of street lamp is the most common one in the new Chinese style of people's clothing, food, housing and transportation. It can only be used as an arm and a lamp mouth on both sides of the road or beside the riverbank, so that non-motor vehicles and drivers in the past can be more clear about the real-time road conditions and have the effect of inducing the safety situation analysis.


2. Double arm solar street lamp

To put it bluntly, that is to say, there are two arms, two solar street lamp, a lamp at the mouth of this kind of street lighting in two ways, one is the lamp arm symmetry, asymmetric encryption, general symmetry arms lamps used several doers of the word in the middle of road greening, both sides live traffic, to the old car has the effect of illumination, induce safety driving.


However, asymmetrically encrypted double-arm street lamps are generally installed in the middle between the driveway and the crosswalk. The lamp arms on the driveway side are higher and have a higher output power, while those on the crosswalk side are lower and have a lower output power.


Solar-powered double-arm street lamps should be more colorful than single-arm street lamps in modeling design, and can also better create the artistic beauty of the interior space. However, what should be noted is that a single real-time road condition or some narrow ground is not suitable for such street lamps, but should be based on the natural environment.


3. Chinese solar street lamps

Lighting source of this kind of modeling design is relatively more commonly, streamline light arms, holds the lamp mouth, up to ponder together, has the artistic beauty, simple structure, light color, have very good adornment design effect, commonly used in the municipal road engineering, landscape designs city-lighting and electricity, economic development zone, such as city square, villa building lighting field.


4. Antique solar street lamps

Pseudo-classic style lamp with Chinese style element, all lighting lamps and lanterns can give a person feel a more authentic, rich and colorful stereo feeling, big but not empty, thick and not swollen have emotional appeal, but it is not easy to give a person a kind of depressive feeling, more the embodiment of the interior space, and the new Chinese style often make symmetric, as a result, many pseudo-classic style lamp is the design of arms, or four arms, six arms, etc., have very good adornment.


5. Landscape lighting solar street lamps

Compared with other types of street lamps, landscape lighting attaches more importance to its own expressive force. Lighting design is closely combined with product modeling design, resulting in an obvious appreciation of the actual effect.


Lighting effect in the color level is not necessarily a single, but also will be colorful, rotating bright, colorful sense of space, light source generally have three basic color energy-saving lights, LED lights, generally used in the city lively streets and communities, entertainment and leisure city square, the road, the hotel restaurant gate these.


To sum up, single-arm street lamp and double-arm street lamp are more important for their actual road lighting effect, the decorative level is certainly not as good as other colors, it must be very good actual lighting effect, or simple these two kinds of lights are better.


In hua hua lamp and archaistic type lamp are in illume actual effect will want almost, but have adornment sex, can be installed according to the actual natural environment, and landscape illume pays more attention to make its adornment, if must very good illume actual effect, still need not choose this kind of solar energy street lamp.

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How to choose the right solar street lamp?


1. Installation and layout of solar street lamps:

The installation layout of solar street lamps must be based on the overall width of the road surface and the rules of the lighting lamps clearly proposed to select the installation and distribution methods. The basic methods include: one side distribution, two side symmetry distribution, and two side overlapping distribution.


2. Selection of solar street lamp light source:

For the world's natural environment continues to deteriorate and the climate continues to rise in temperature, under the promotion of the new national policy, the most widely used solar street light source is LED light source.


3. Selection of lighting fixtures:

The selection of lighting fixtures is the key to test the reversibility of filtering, light intensity and maintenance coefficient. The quality of road lighting can generally be considered by the three index values of ground chroma, precision and dazzling light. The quality of road lighting is mainly reflected in:


1) color level

The average road surface chromaticity has different chromaticity regulations according to the road surface grade. General rapid access and the main road must be about 2cd/m2 of the chromaticity, secondary main road and auxiliary road or residential area pavement relativity is relatively low.


2) mean light intensity

Average light intensity refers to the average of all light intensity on the ground, which is the enterprise of the compressive strength of lighting fixtures, and is generally expressed as LM. 3, dazzle light

Road lighting should be diligent, not comfortable dazzling light-limited in a certain range, generally expressed with G value, in general, G=7.

The formula for calculating the maximum sunshine time is: the maximum sunshine time =A/(3.6x365)

4.The Clear working voltage of series products:

The dc input working voltage of the solar street light source is used as the working voltage of the system software, generally 12V or 24V. When the working voltage of the solar module is 36V, the battery voltage is higher than 2/3 of the working voltage of the components. Therefore, the working voltage of the battery, control panel and the light source must be selected at 24V.


5. Selection of control board

The control panel is generally made of stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable. The battery charge and discharge control panel are designed with light control, time control, excessive charging, power loss maintenance and can maintain the second environmental protection and energy-saving operation. The half output power lighting fixture is required in the required time period. Rechargeable batteries can be "maintenance-free lead-acid batteries", most of which will be placed in the control cabinet within the battery charging and discharging control board.


6. Solar panel volume measurement:

For solar street lamps, the overall system setting formula is calculated as follows: P= light source output power X light source working time/maximum sunshine time; Where, P is the output power of lithium battery components, and the enterprise is W; The working time of the light source enterprise is H, and the maximum sunshine time enterprise is H.


7. Battery capacity calculation:

It is preferred to use battery types and the number of storage days of rechargeable batteries according to the local rainy days. The temperature in southern China is relatively high in cloudy and rainy days, so the storage temperature is generally 5-7 rainy days. Battery capacity calculation method: battery capacity = load output power X working time X storage days ÷ deep storage system software working voltage

Among them: the battery capacity enterprise is AH; The unit of load power is W; The daily working hours of the enterprise are H; The number of days of storage is D; The deep layer of charge and discharge is generally about 0.8, and the voltage unit of the system software is V.


8. Lamp pole design scheme:

Solar street lamp common lamp pole design scheme is the steel conical lamp pole, with beautiful and generous, firm, durable, easy to make technology, high impact toughness, is conducive to make a variety of modeling design. Commonly used Chinese lamp pole cross-section, ring, hexagon, octagonal, taper 1:90, 1:100, the wall thickness according to the lamp pole compression condition, generally 3-5mm


9. Inclination Angle design scheme:

In order to maximize the profit of solar street lamp lithium battery components in a year to receive solar radiation, people should choose a suitable perspective according to the local conditions of the sun, and maximize the profit to improve the direct time.


10. Wind resistance: in the overall design of the solar street lamp series, it is a difficult problem that must be attached great importance to. That is to say, the design scheme of wind resistance is mainly divided into two parts: the wind resistance of lithium battery module support frame and the wind resistance of lamp pole.

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