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How to repair solar street lamp?

How to repair solar street lamp?


Nowadays, solar energy application technology is becoming more and more mature, and the use of solar street lamp is becoming more and more extensive. It is inevitable that there will be faults when using solar street lamp. If there are faults, they should be repaired. Check out how to repair solar street lamp with SRS solar street lamp manufacturers.

One, the solar street lamp maintenance common fault

1. Battery problems. If the light time is short, battery energy storage decline, resulting in rainy weather, light time is short, that is the battery problem, should replace the battery.

2. LED light source problem. Solar street lamp beads are not completely bright, in addition to the quality of LED light source itself, is the welding problem, should to replace the lamp beads in time or weld them firmly or replace the lamp caps more directly.

3. Installation site problem. solar street lamp installation sites, the sun light is insufficient, can not give the battery storage is also a big problem. Should be find out the solar street lamp system suitable for this kind of place to meet the lighting requirements.

4. Line problems. Poor line connection, battery feed, energy storage decline, will cause lights flashing. The wires should be replaced or repaired in time the road touches a bad place.

What would be the problem if the whole light didn't work? First, check whether the controller is filled with water. If it is not the problem of the controller, measure the electricity whether the pool has voltage, whether the voltage is lower than 10.8v, if not, then check whether the panel has voltage, if there is no voltage, change the battery plate.

Two, the solar street lamp fault solution

The light is not bright possible faulty components: LED light source, solar controller, battery, solar panel.


1. Check whether the wiring terminals of the lamps are loose. 

2. Remove the LED light source and connect it to the battery or DC12v power supply to see if the light works normally do, pay attention to the positive and negative electrode, the light does not light is the LED lamp fault, need to replace the LED lamp, the light on the controller or battery fault. 

3. Measure storage

If the battery power is lower than 11v, it means the controller is in the protective state, and the lamp can be fully charged before use. If it is higher than 11v, it indicates that the controller fails.

The controller needs to be replaced.

LED lights have short working hours

Possible faulty parts: solar controller, solar panel


1. The setting of solar controller is wrong, please reset it with professional knowledge.

 2, there is dust on the solar panel, clean the dust.The dust makes it efficient for generating electricity. 

3. the rainy weather more than 3 days, such as sunny weather can return to normal.

The LED light is not bright enough

Possible faulty parts: lamp shade, LED lamp


 1. clean the lamp shade, make it clean.

 2.clean the positive:light contact with the spring leaf area of dirt, make its conductive unimpeded.

If the solar street lamp has other faults, please ask the professional to check and repair!

solar street lamp maintenance

3. Matters needing attention

1. Whether the solar controller is flooded or not

2. Whether the panel has current

3. Whether the battery voltage is higher than 10.8v

Solar street lamp controller selection

The operation of the solar street lamp is controlled by the controller. Most of the controllers realize intelligent control. The controller shall have the following functions:

1. Street lamp control

Light control, time control, temperature control and other functions for choice. With dimming (or midnight light) function.

2. Battery management limits the charging and discharging conditions of the battery to extend its service life:

1) anti-reverse charging control:

2) overcharge control:

3) anti-overdischarge control;

4) temperature compensation.

3. Automatic protection

Solar battery reverse connection protection, battery reverse connection protection, battery open circuit protection, night anti-reverse charge protection, output short circuit protection, etc.

4. Digital display

Display solar street lamp main reference: battery voltage, solar photovoltaic voltage, etc.

5. Controller voltage

Controller voltage = battery voltage.

Advantages of solar street lamp

1. The solar street lamps in the energy enough to keep for a long time under the condition of street lamp open, solar panels and solar street lamp carries has a very good saving solar effect, can by the transformation of the complex technology to convert solar energy into electricity, which is now solar street lamp manufacturers gradually occupy the important position in the market one of the reasons.

2. The solar street lamp as a very popular street lamp equipment now, actually, the price is not expensive, not only is very cheap relative to other street light equipment, and street lamp resilience is very good for the environment, and whether it is rainy or cloudy day to be able to normal use will not have any problem, and there is no line of short circuit under the influence of water problems, so everyone can normal use of the equipment, and of course to use normal solar street lamp manufacturers of equipment to just go oh.

3. The only energy is solar energy solar street lamp, so even a few days to cloudy rainy day is it doesn't matter, can work normally, will not have any problems, solar lamp manufacturers ensure still can ensure normal light use, even in the case of wind rain also can resist interfere with the normal use, there will not be blown to or the problem such as scratch, offers the development of the society stable. 

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