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What are the maintenance techniques for solar street lamps?

What are the maintenance techniques for solar street lamps?


The Solar street lamp is a kind of road street lamp which USES solar energy to generate electricity and converts it into electromagnetic energy. When the solar street lamp is used for a period of time, we must carry on the maintenance to the solar street lamps. Here are some tips from SRS Solar Street Light Supplier on how to maintain a Solar Street Light.

 Maintenance skills for solar street lamps

View the echo of the indicator light of the controller first, if two indicator lights are not on, then perhaps the controller has been damaged, there may be a strong current system impact, such as direct lighting or short circuit and other conditions. If the controller light shows normal discharge in the night, the battery has to meet the voltage, but the lamps and lanterns are not bright, the positive and negative electrode of the lamp is directly connected to the positive and negative electrode of the battery on the test, if you can not discharge, the driver of the lamp may be damaged rectifier.


Solar panels are made from polycrystalline or Mono crystal cells, the surface layer is pressed with a fairly strong layer of toughened glass, the border is firmly fixed, can withstand the hail test. Be careful not to commit vandalism. Normally, solar panels don't need to be cleaned regularly. Depending on local conditions, the panels can be cleaned with sufficient rainfall; In the sandstorm area, they can often wash in winter, wash less in summer. In the cleaning process, do not trample or stand on the solar panel, do not use metal, hard objects for cleaning.

solar street lamp


The working stability of the solar street lamps


1, not suddenly extinguished: solar street light is to absorb the sun's energy as an energy source, out of the sun to recharge the battery, when environment is dark to a certain degree of batteries will provide street lighting work operation of electricity, so not happen suddenly lights, solar street lamp USES a dc power supply.


2. Quality of LED light source: generally, the light source of solar street lamps is LED lamp holder, which has a long lighting life (around 50000 hours) and will not generate excessive heat when used, which greatly extends the service life of the light source.


3, A number of a consecutive rainy day can also be in normal use: solar street light is a use of solar energy to generate power, so in the day without sunshine lighting can also be normal, and macro and energy as solar street lamps manufacturer in solar street light design will also consider these aspects of the topic, then through the communication with customers, according to the customer to give the local rainy day is configured for the street lamp accessories, in order to solve local most consecutive rainy days also can work, not flush without electric lights.


How long do solar street lamps last?


Solar LED street lamp is composed of 5 parts, including solar panel, LED light source, solar controller, solar colloidal battery, lamp pole, the life span of solar street lamp is determined by these 5 parts.


Solar panels have a service life of more than 25 years, and light poles have a service life of more than 30 years.


Secondly, it also can exclude a solar street lamp controller, one, the controller is cheap, convenient source, maintenance and repair convenience, two, the controller is not easily broken, as long as according to the correct use of instructions, will not cause much threat.


Here is mainly to consider the LED light source and battery life, the correct use of battery, life up to more than 5 years, the so-called correct use of a battery, refers to the manufacturer in the design and configuration, it is necessary to consider the capacity of the battery,


So how long is the service life of LED light? At present, the LED light source with good quality can reach 160lm/w with a service life of 100,000 hours. If the lamp is on for 8 hours every day, it can be used for 12500 days. That's a long time. If you just say 100,000 hours, that's too little. In fact, 100,000 hours is 22 years, and there is no need to worry about the LED lamp's insufficient service life.


Types of solar street lamps


(1) lithium battery solar street lamp.


(2) solar street lamps with batteries.


(3) street lamps with complementary solar energy.


(4) wind-solar complementary street lamps.


(5) ethnic solar street lamps.


The types of solar street lights are divided according to the places of use: solar street lights, solar garden lights, solar landscape lights, etc.


The type of solar street lamp is divided according to the number of lamp caps: single head, double head and head, can also be divided into the high and low arm and balance arm solar street lamp types can also be divided according to the number of meters, watts, and so on.


1. According to the working voltage of the solar street lamp circuit system, it can be divided into 12V system, 24V system, 36V system and 48V system. According to the battery type classification can be divided into: lead battery solar street lights and lithium battery solar street lights.


2: wind-solar hybrid street lighting system: bringing light to our night life. Now the beautiful street lamps make the night in the city colorful. However, the street lamp is a big power consumer. Due to the long low-voltage transmission line of the street lamp, not only the street lamp consumes electricity, but also the power consumption on the transmission line is very large.


3. According to the height of solar street lamps, they are divided into 6 meters, 7 meters, 8 meters, 10 meters, 12 meters and so on.


4: according to the light source type classification: energy-saving high power integrated LED, rare earth efficient energy-saving lamp, can be configured according to customer requirements.

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