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Throughout the current solar scenery complementary street lamp development fast!

by:SRS     2020-11-20
In fact, China's renewable energy development in recent years speed is quite amazing, water and electricity, solar energy and wind power in 2015, is already accounted for 19% of the total energy mix. So, China become the world's solar energy and wind power generating capacity in the biggest country, the development is the most representative will take several solar scenery complementary lamps. Solar scenery complementary street lamp can have such a large development market, is the cause of Chinese society by the danger of air pollution now, the national government had to make up his mind to deal with environmental pollution. Scenery complementary street light as the combination of solar and wind power green energy, do not need wiring, using solar panels to accept the sun and the wind, night lighting effect, to the social environment will not produce any pollution, absolutely green environmental protection no pollution, and this kind of overall price is economical and durable solar street lamps, huimin product is rare. City road, park plaza, and even tourist attractions in the coastal area is fit for installing solar scenery complementary street light, no power, in general, the use of solar and wind energy to provide energy solar scenery complementary streetlights, relatively, the service life of it will be long.

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