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Three main lightning protection coup LED street light

by:SRS     2021-01-12

solar led street light

solar direct installation of lightning protection equipment engineer to help you resolve the LED street lamp

LED street lamp belong to external conductor material, avoid the LED street light guide ray caused by the fire and personal safety accident, so the LED street lamp of the lightning protection measures to do well, LED street lamp installation network is down lead and earth, an external lightning protection is used to protect the LED street lamps, internal lightning protection system to the system by means of internal earthing, voltage protection, prevents thunder and other forms of overvoltage intrusion, also damaged power, between the two are complementary to each other.

1。 Set the thunder reserves

now in addition to the power equipment, will also set up some communication equipment is used to control the street lamp switch and brightness, the equipment and power needs to be placed in the lightning protection zone, protected areas directly affected by casing shielding. The electromagnetic field of here is much more weak.

2。 Lightning protection equipotential connection

eliminate damage caused by lightning potential difference, power cables, signal lines, metal pipelines with over-voltage protector for equipotential connection, the interface of the inner sanctuary to local equipotential connection, each local equipotential connection to connect each other, connected with the main equipotential.

3。 High quality - protection equipment - Lightning protection and overvoltage protection module

Led street light the role of the lightning protection device is connected to in a short period of time will be to protect system equipotential system, makes the equipment the equipotential ports. At the same time will have a huge circuits due to lightning, pulse energy released into the earth by the short route, reduce equipment each interface to the potential difference, so as to protect the equipment.

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