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This paper analyzes the reason of the solar road lights environmental protection and energy saving

by:SRS     2021-01-01

in the design to the hour of street lamp lighting system, choose energy-efficient appliances can immediately have the effect of energy saving. Now choose the high luminous efficiency but less energy consumption control Bai Zhi lamp and high pressure mercury lamp is controlled practice to pick, but if the selection of solar street light will be better, because his light distribution is quite correct, light efficiency is very high, can increase the power factor, cut the solar energy in the loss.

use solar road lamp, first of all, can build a considerable amount of electricity, most of the journey is now demand lighting system of nocturnal more and more vehicles and pedestrians, a lot of people exercise time still add to the middle of the night, so if the selection of solar road lamp can build quite a lot of electricity. But due to some limited site lighting elements, so can't use solar road lamp, all night long enough that the power supply. Whether demand through use of solar road lamp still needs the night but solar road lamp, can close only one side of the street light enough, this kind of way though don't need to add the investment, can also be frugal money for certain, but the quality of the lighting is rather poor. Might as well on both sides of the lamp next to extract some episodes of light and dark, such clearance lights, lights out of the way, about the quality of the lighting is relatively small. But demand in addition add a night light falling investment amount will increase. Generally speaking, the road lighting power supply is at a distance of the distribution of load is at an hour when choosing wire voltage loss control, if the voltage of electricity saving device falling too much may spread to line the normal operation of the second half of the street lamp, but if choose solar road lamp can prevent this problem, any way lamp is an independent fit, are their respective power supply, not demand research of involution lighting circuit. Using electricity saving device then fit the economic benefits of the promotion is quite obvious, the use of solar road lamp hour also can be seen that the affected, solar lights to the power saving, the key is that it cut the power consumption is more of their convert light energy into electrical energy, and if choose solar road lamp needs go to laid a long line, because any lamp is independent, not need to use line to implement the cohesion, unless the local solar energy, can not satisfied the use of solar road lamp needs.

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