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Thirty years don't have to change the LED street light bulb, the super street light reading

by:SRS     2021-04-11
Thirty years don't have to change the LED street light bulb, the super street light reading as a source of solar street lamps factory and high quality suppliers, we of your LED bulbs products has always been very confident, after our many years of testing and forecasts, as well as the related scientific data, our factory production of LED street light bulb can use for 30 years and do not need to change, really can call super street lamp. We dare say that LED street lamp to be able to use 30 years without replacement, is not we imagine data is also not our overly confident and arrogant, but according to known some facts and figures in the industry to make scientific evaluation. 1, heat dissipation good heat dissipation performance the service life of the LED light source and power is restricted by the size of the bottleneck, so to speak, who can solve the problem of LED light source, heat dissipation, who can solve the problem of LED power limit, who will be able to improve the service life of the LED, who will be able to reduce the LED light failure problem, although we not solve the problem of the LED heat dissipation. However, we use the radiator has a very strict requirements, to the heat dissipation material, the quality and shape of the fin, the cooling efficiency, all have our request, is much higher than the counterpart of requirements, the use of thermal conductive silicone also has its own requirements, are not allowed to cut corners in these small ways, to make our products make it the best value. 2, light bead quality we use light bead, do not use the defective lamp bead and gray light bead on the market, all adopt the original pury and Cree chip, as well as osram, philips, Seoul, South Korea, chip and so on these chips, if there is a new chip to enter the market, we except to test with integrating spheres, also need to produce a batch of light source is used to test the basic performance of lamps and lanterns, only meet our minimum standards for performance, we'll consider it. 3, well-made, in addition to heat and lights, LED the work in the process of production is also a very important factor, our products in terms of work are required to meet our technical standard, our technical standard, several percentage points higher than the industry standard, so that our products can more CRD. In the same industry have declared how good, their products are often users will find that the LED light source damage or common things, is not as amazing as some manufacturers propaganda, the main reason is not the LED products is not so good in theory, in fact as long as according to the request of basic production, is completely can achieve the desired service life, but in the process of production, manufacturers tend to quality discount, in this way, the service life of LED light source also will be on sale.
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