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These matters must be understood when installing solar street lights

by:SRS     2021-06-17
Energy saving and environmental protection is a major theme of the current society, so any energy-saving resources are hoped to be widely used, and the most common one in life should be solar street lights, but maybe because of frequent installations, there are many in them. Matters need to be understood and avoided. First, avoid obstructions. Because it is a solar solar street light, pay attention to avoiding too many obstructions when installing. This may cause the charging efficiency of the solar panel to decrease, and because the light is blocked, the light energy is Absorption and utilization also have a certain impact. Second, reduce the reference light source. For the reference light source, the easiest way is that there are other street lights around the solar street lights, so that at night, when other street lights are on, they will interfere with the solar panels. Cause the controller not to light up the street lights. Third, ensure that the batteries of solar solar street light are fully exposed to the light source. That is to say, if there are some obstructions, this will cause the phenomenon of open circuit, which is a very serious result, which will lead to solar panels. No more electricity will be generated.  Fourth, avoid leaning face-to-face    because the solar panels are still relatively large. Therefore, many construction workers will put them face to face for the sake of beauty, but in fact, this is not correct. On the one hand, the light source may be completely received, but on the other hand, it may be affected and the charging efficiency will be reduced. Fifth, you need to pay attention to the angle adjustment. In order to allow the solar panel to better receive the light source, it may let the sun shine directly on the panel. This kind of charging efficiency is also the largest, but in different places, the angle needs to be considered after all. Different latitudes and roads are different, so the angle is very important. It must be adjusted to the right position to maximize efficiency.  For solar street lights, its energy-saving effect is obvious to all. At the same time, it is also the leading part in terms of efficiency. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to these problems in the convenience of installation to better play these advantages.
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