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The winter solar street lights maintenance method

by:SRS     2020-07-20

Winter is solar street light & other; Morbidity peak, there are a number of solar street lamp are quality problems in the winter, in the problem is lack of lights at night time, for example, was bright six hours a day, only three or four hours may direct light in the winter is not lit up. The reasons of this phenomenon first because the battery supply. So what form there's a reason for this? The reason because of solar street light system configuration is low. Sunlight in winter than other seasons, solar panels power generation lack, and 70% of battery discharge in winter as long as the summer, so winter is unavailable, the battery power only enough to light two or three hours a day the power went out.   1. In winter the weather is cold, cold battery will frostbite, constitute a discharge lack. Usually in cold area, storage battery to be buried at least 1 m deep, laid 20 cm at the bottom of the sand, facilitate water dissipation, such ability extends battery life spans, lithium battery needs to be used for thermal insulation heat preservation cotton.  2. Solar panels power generation lack, every hair of electricity shall not be full of battery. South in the winter the sun will, Angle of the sun, a lack of light. Some local because the light reason solar panels by building high objects such as trees shade maybe part time block, a power generation lack. 3. Solar panels for a long time did not pick up, dust is too much, influence power. Some local because it often snow, snow cover solar panels constitute a power generation lack. So often tidy up solar panels of dust and snow, the best two months to pick up again.  4. The use of reached a certain stature. Battery charge and discharge frequency, power will follow the increase and gradually reduce the number of use, so usually use solar street lamp lighting beyond 3 years will gradually cut, this belongs to normal. Replace battery storage can solve a problem. 
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