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The three factors of the development of LED lights?

by:SRS     2020-11-13

with the speeding up of urbanization process, the LED street light come into the mind of the people, now, whether in municipal roads and rural roads, LED street light can be seen everywhere, LED street lamp lit up the city and countryside of the night sky. But it is still not fully used, no more than because of itself, there are some limitations, at the current applied research, production and promotion, can put the for 3 questions.

outdoor lighting - solar led street light

1. The appearance of lamps and lanterns structure problem: the appearance of traditional street lamps and lanterns is basically the same, generally divided into light source and electrical parts, but due to the particularity of the LED light source and the different methods of light distribution, makes now the LED street lamp is varied, shape of lamps and lanterns shape does not meet the requirements of operation, and even some companies based on indoor standard applied to outdoor lamps.

2。 Led street lamp components can be replaced problem: led street lamp components is generally by the led chip, the power supply ( Drive) And the shell parts of lamps and lanterns. Easy to power and chip problems are major parts. In general, the LED chip can not be replaced, lamps and lanterns and power can change, however, it is in a lot of products in the power supply ( Drive) Change is not convenient, replacement is too time consuming. But as we all know, now the life of the LED street lamp light source can reach 350000 hours. If it is to illuminate the bad led chip of choose and buy. And LED chip can't change, that means to replace the lamps and lanterns, can also cause waste.

3。 Power supply problem: the life of a power supply is one of the LED lamps and lanterns is very critical parts. Can be on the market at present are generally not only guarantee the quality of the LED chip and power supply ( Drive) Life is another matter. Even if the general factory promise guarantee 2 years. The reason, the development of the LED street lamp had a new bottleneck - power supply ( Drive) Quality is not guaranteed, it restricts the development of the LED street light.

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