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The technological principle of the solar energy lawn lamp

by:SRS     2020-08-02

Which make use of solar energy to work, when the daytime sunlight on the solar cell, convert light energy into electrical energy storage in the battery, again by battery at night for the lawn lamp LED ( Light emitting diodes) Provide power supply. technology principle of solar lawn light source and the design method of power system because of solar lawn lamps unique advantages, get rapid development in recent years. Lawn lamp power is small, mainly for the purpose of decoration, high requirement to the mobility, circuit laying difficulties, waterproof demanding field. These made by solar batteries lawn lamp shows the definition of many unprecedented advantage of solar energy lawn lamp solar lawn lamp, which make use of solar energy to work, when the daytime sunlight on solar cell, convert light energy into electrical energy storage in the battery, again by battery at night for the lawn lamp LED ( Light emitting diodes) Provide power supply. The main advantages for safety, energy saving, convenient, environmental protection, etc. Applicable to the residential community green grass beautification lighting ornament, park lawn beautification ornament. The architecture of the solar energy lawn lamp by solar energy battery components ( Photovoltaic panels) , super bright LED lamp, The light source) , maintenance-free rechargeable battery, automatic control circuit, lamps, etc. System components of solar energy lawn lamp solar energy lawn lamp step-up IC, can automatically switch to charge and discharge behavior, when the solar battery charging board induction to the sun during the day, automatically switch to shut down the light into the charging status, when night solar pad sensor is less than the sun, open light switch to enter into the state of battery discharge. step-up IC, can put 1. 5 volt rechargeable battery output voltage up to 3. 6 volt. A set of circuit board IC should match section rechargeable battery can drive 1-5 7 LED light-emitting diodes; Many sets of circuit board IC and so on; controller IC and some peripheral components, main functions including charging circuit, drive circuit, photosensitive control circuit and pulse width modulation circuit, etc. The controller has a high conversion efficiency: 80 ~ 85% ( Typical values) , can reduce the power of the solar cell version of requirements; Low voltage start: 0. 9V( Maximum) ; Adjustable output current, etc. light source advantage most is the lawn lamp use LED as light source, LED long service life, can reach 100000 hours, low work voltage, very suitable for application in solar energy lawn lamp. Especially in LED technology has gone through its key breakthrough, and its characteristics in the past five years has greatly improved, the cost performance also has a larger increase. Solar energy corridor lights technology principle of solar energy corridor lights belongs to the new building lighting system. Solar energy corridor lights single lamp by acoustic optical, realize to lights, people go lamp, energy saving, consumption, easy to use. Solar power supply system installation Jane knot, use convenient, no electricity power brownouts. Solar energy corridor lights used long life light source and low pressure independent power supply system, safe and reliable performance, one-time investment, free to use for a long time, can meet the different needs of residential building and office building, should both comply with the requirements of the national green energy-saving buildings, also improve the grade of building construction. 1, the working principle of the solar energy corridor lights included at the top of the building in an installation of solar cells and installed in each floor lamp, as well as unified put battery charge and discharge controller. Battery with lights through wire connection of the floors. Load using LED lamps and lanterns, acoustic light-operated switch and cooperate with the work. During the day, the solar modules generate electricity under the sun of a certain intensity, using solar energy stored in the storage battery charging and discharging controller inside; Night, the load is powered by battery by charging and discharging controller. Usually, the solar system in the design will increase the capacity of the battery, according to actual condition to ensure the illumination of rainy day. 2, the system performance index ( 1) Lighting power range: 2 - 5 w; ( 2) The power supply type: dc; ( 3) Solar cell conversion efficiency: > 15. 5%
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