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The stand or fall of storage battery directly affects the life of the solar street light!

by:SRS     2020-11-18
Solar battery directly affects the whole lamp life. A high quality solar street light we see is the panels and batteries. So we need to find a way to increase the use of solar energy storage battery life. Then how should we do? Temperature control. Any object itself is proper temperature, not too high, also cannot too low, so we need to control the temperature. Watch the rain infiltration. Solar street light battery is installed in the ground, so the battery packaging must be sealed, enough is enough tight, to watch the rain infiltration. Charge discharge control. For charging point control, the implementation must be skills. Battery charging discharging times is limited, we need to just even eliminate the number of charge discharge. Discharge charge of safe sex. In the process of charging and discharging, cannot appear too high and too low voltage signs. As long as we solved the above 4 points we can improve the use life of the battery. But the above but is usually need to pay attention to details, improve to make full use of time to see the quality of the battery itself. Itself is high-tech product, solar street lamps, to ensure the service life of the solar street lamp, it must be in study and design on the components of solar street lamps, so as to ensure the service life of the solar street light. By the small make up time, outdoor lighting now has large quantities of solar street lamps use special maintenance free lithium-ion batteries, lithium batteries, the characteristics of convenient, durable, high capacity storage of electricity, solar panels discharge efficiency is high also

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