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The stability of the solar street light?

by:SRS     2021-02-14
The stability of the solar street light? With the popularity of solar street lights, everybody's question also more and more. Solar street lamps will suddenly broken? Can suddenly put out because of the rainy weather? Will not. 。 。 。 。 。 ? The correct answer is, not! 1. Although is the use of solar power generation , but do not represent no sun lights will not be able to use as usual. Battery can be stored energy in the street, so even if the weather is sunny and cloudy, street lamp can be normal use. But if the lights is the battery is damaged, street lamps will gradually dim, but won't suddenly go out. But this time will be to get professional maintenance personnel in a timely manner. 2. It is continuous wet weather also don't have to worry about. As the customer's demand is big, the requirements get higher, the level of the solar street light is also becoming more and more high. General continuous wet weather is manageable. But if there is a rainy weather for a long time, it need professionals to do the parts modified, prevent problems. So the stability of the solar street light are very high, but also should pay attention to maintaining the oh.
the efficiency of solar street light will be more and more high,
the efficiency of solar street light will be more and more high solar street light after a period of time of development, the overall efficiency has been greatly improved, but still has the very big development space, the overall efficiency of the solar street light at between thirty percent and fifty percent, and the use of solar energy, only a few percent, it is not enough, the efficiency of the solar street light with the development of science and technology, is bound to be more and more high. Solar street lamps power loss is mainly because the efficiency of photovoltaic panels is low, the resistance of the battery, the power loss of the controller and heat loss of the light source, the low efficiency of lamps and lanterns, transfer the heat loss of the cable and so on. But with the progress of technology, the power loss will be one by one, to improve and overcome the efficiency of pv panels will get a sharp increase in the future, to provide more robust power source for , battery capacity and discharge depth will be more improved, their resistance loss will also be smaller, light source will be more cold light source, on the basis of leds, there will be more improved, the efficiency of lamps and lanterns and light transmittance can be greatly improved, and the whole efficiency of light source of lamps and lanterns is perfected.

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