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The solar street light with good quality should be how to choose?

by:SRS     2021-03-29
The solar street light with good quality should be how to choose? Want to buy some good quality solar street light, need some technical level, because is not the same as the general household appliances, solar street lamps can be their own configuration, if you want to buy the solar street light with good quality, not only to find a good manufacturer of solar street lamps, and reasonable configuration. 1, choose the appropriate manufacturers choose good solar street lamps factory need to pay attention to choose whether the manufacturer source manufacturer, manufacturer of solar street lamps, now what is not one to be able to produce, but at least can produce solar street light pole and light source. The battery and the controller generally is a professional production of accessories suppliers, unnecessary to tangle. Select the source manufacturer, also need to see the factory price is very reasonable, if the price is too high, more than the average price, can PASS directly, if the price is too low, average price is much lower than the market, also do not need to consider again. 2, the reasonable configuration of solar street light configuration is reasonable, the smallest configuration determines whether can be used to achieve maximum effect, solar panels, battery, light source, light for a few hours a day, rainy days, and so on, these are all questions to consider, solar street light configuration is not the bigger the better, is not as small as possible, but the ratio between the size of the various components to the right. 3, the stand or fall of accessories brand solar street lamp, mainly is the stand or fall of each component and reasonable collocation, is one of the main battery and the controller, the controller is good and bad are more than twice the price, the market 6 meters 30 watts of solar street lamps controller 60 - good price again Floating between 80, only 30 - and poor control Between 50 and battery is also prices vary considerably, the good and bad battery battery on the market, in 80 ah, for example, good have 480 yuan, difference of only 450 yuan. Don't look down upon this dozens of yuan, if every parts differs a few yuan, a set of solar street light is down to 200 yuan price difference, good solar street lights and solar street lamps with poor price difference is so.
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