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The solar street lamps and street lamp installation electric contrast

by:SRS     2020-06-29

Let's look at next compared with general street lamp installation solar street lamp, solar street light device is so brief and fast. < p > general street lamp to laying cable, first is a device that will demand for cable trench excavation, laying of drainage tubes, pipe threading, backfill lights a lot of foundation engineering. Device generally street lamp and a long-term device debugging, if there is a route to present the question, is to rework redo of large area, the use quantity is large, is also very messy. That related to solar street light device, is an oversimplification, 6 meters or more less than 9 m, solar street lamps only needs three or four yourself as a cement base, and then use stainless steel screws, solar street light.Since the use of solar street lamp, despite talk of a mixed, but from all the praise about it is still a big share, everybody talked about solar street light, strength may be more about solar street light is its power use, unlike other street lamp, solar street light strengths not just because of this, more on the one hand is the solar street light device is also very short. 
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