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The service life of the solar garden light length associated with what factors?

by:SRS     2020-04-13

Today, solar garden light is durable is to compare the concern of the people. Solar garden light can use how long, has close contact with many aspects. It that the quality of any parts, will directly affect the length of the use of solar garden light. Actually whether solar garden light and durable, is based on its own each of the different components of the stature of the resolution. , let's look at below: a, courtyard lamp using the stature and battery quality close related: there are many kinds of solar garden lamp battery, all kinds of solar cells based on its operation principle, life spans are not the same. Battery quality, directly affects the courtyard lamp use the full length.  2, battery packaging way to select good:  solar garden light battery encapsulation mode choice is to extend its life spans, protection panels, won't appear bent and damaged, there are two kinds of packaging mode, laminated and glue. Laminating process can ensure the solar garden lamp battery life spans for 25 years, glue although beautiful, but the battery only 1 - a good job 2 years.  So good about not high requirement of solar energy lawn lamp can use a glue encapsulation way, and regarding the solar lamp, use fixed number of year suggest using laminated packaging way.  three, battery capacity to choose reasonable:due to the solar garden light lamps and lanterns of the input energy power generation system is not stable, so you must configure battery system can work. Generally have lead-acid batteries, nickel cadmium battery, nickel metal hydride batteries, their capacity to choose direct influence on the reliability of the system and the cost price. Choose the battery capacity, as well as satisfactory lighting at night, and to ensure that the energy stored during the day, with successive rainy day power consumption. Battery capacity starts to lead to a lack of nighttime lighting, and battery capacity is too large and will cause the battery has always been in a state of loss of electricity, affect the use of battery life spans. Solar garden light battery plays an important in the use of solar garden light full effect, so want to make the solar garden lamp life longer, try choosing laminated packaging way and ideal battery capacity, and in the future the use of the process, must carry on the reasonable use, thus extending the use of solar garden lamp life spans. In recent years on earth power shortage, pollution also increases, the earth load is immeasurable. Safety, environmental momentum has become the savior of the people's eyes, because they are 'inexhaustible, an inexhaustible', especially the solar energy is the most outstanding in the new, most widely used also, today is perfect day by day too in solar power in the field of lighting, solar street light, solar garden light, solar landscape lamp, etc, also gradually formed scale. 
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