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The service life of LED lights for how long?

by:SRS     2020-04-07

How long service life of the LED street light? When it comes to solar led street light, can't believe that everyone should be familiar, on the road lighting, street lamp correctly choose has very important meanings, LED street light, it is also a kind of road lighting, it, on energy saving power is not just about city road lighting has very good effect, and its brightness is higher, the supply of nocturnal friends a lot of convenience. What about high power led street light, how long it the use of his general, solar garden light small make up today for everyone to explain this this problem, the following and see it together:  Led street lamp in the process of choosing, is to choose according to the specific situation of the pavement, with different light pole height must choose different power. 6 m light pole will select 30 - for example 60 w street light lamp holder, choose 60 w - 8 meters Between 100 w street light lamp holder, before choosing the way of the lamps in the device will be situation to carry on the survey, must refer to the specification is given. About the use of led light source stature, is a long, but about the use of lamps and lanterns stature not pure is a light source, become old, yea, lamps and lanterns also contains drive, lens and other parts. So use full of street lamps and lanterns is a relatively short life spans parts of the street lamps and lanterns, now led skills more sophisticated and did a good job of driving power supply box with silicon material manufacturing lens using life spans are reached 50000 hours. Relatively speaking, use full longer. It is in use process, is more energy-saving. 
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