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The secret of share option landscape lamp manufacturer

by:SRS     2021-05-06
Share the secret of landscape lamp manufacturer selection landscape lamp factory is a skilled job, 'he learned from one of my guests skills, to share with you, is very nice, we in the purchase of raw materials, also often use this method. Customer is a lamps and lanterns city boss, often there will be some landscape lights and other lights project need to purchase, including his indoor lamps and lanterns also need to purchase, for many years, he purchase few things went wrong, but rarely complain. But his opponent is more miserable, installed lamps or lamp often appear problem, always gets you in trouble, is very headache, after years of competition, gradually lose credibility, and slowly to see the gap between business and engineering now almost do not bottom go to, can only in the store selling some indoor lamps and lanterns. Customer talked about the following tips: 1, the factory size size manufacturer must look, choose above medium size manufacturers supply, don't choose too big or too small. Especially big what so-and-so group co. , LTD. , unless he has a certain reputation in the market of lamps and lanterns, but it is no sign that landscape lamp, is completely different with civil indoor lamps and lanterns, civilian indoor lamps and lanterns we like philips, leishi, bull these brand, but the landscape lamps is that there is no brand, these big companies do things is the same, but the price is much higher, and the bigger the company, the more big QiKe, appeared problem, customer manager to customer service, customer service to purchase, to push the supplier, the supplier said looking for manufacturers, in a mess, the last things can't solve, only after my own money, the contract were not worth a bean, illegal cost is too low! Small company also can not find, small company experience is not rich, low production capacity, delivery is not timely, low risk ability also. 2, see the price for all kinds of landscape lamp, the guest is already very familiar with, as long as the design landscape lamps, or see the pictures, about the price of the in the mind immediately, some can even quote his guest immediately. But when he told the factory inquiry, often will find a very serious problem, is the price of the lamp is obviously have to so much money, otherwise impossible performance, but some manufacturer price is far lower than the price, let a person feel mysterious, there is only one possible, is to cut corners, don't look down upon this cut corners, if it carefully every place steal a little, the overall price can differ nearly half, quality all too clear! In fact this is why his rivals do not go down, every time his opponent procurement to landscape lamp is very cheap, is particularly excited, tell anyone she spends much of her money to buy the lamp, sell how many money, how much money. But he did not think of, such a low price quality no problem on reality? 3, see guests service service is needless to say, the final choice, I must have service good reason, specific I also don't know where my service to can give it a try of cooperation, are looking forward to your consultation!
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