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The right solar street lamp installation process

by:SRS     2020-05-07

1, according to the actual job site lighting needs, led solar street lamp manufacturer to determine the installation position of lamps and ballasts and way, and then according to the lamps and lanterns to the ballast contact distance and ballast to contact distance 220 v power supply to prepare three core cable (the length of the corresponding Distance is not more than 2 meters can be used with the lamp is equipped with cable) 。 2.  When the lamps and lanterns to ballast contact distance of more than 2 meters, the need to replace three core cable. With Allen wrench unscrew the lamp shell within six hexagon bolt, pull out the light body part, remove the lamps and lanterns with three core cable, and then press the original connection mode for the three core cable connected.  3, with a socket wrench unscrew ballast box fastening bolts on the cover, remove the cover price of solar panels, lamps and lanterns of the three core cable end through the introduction of the ballast output device introduced ballast cavity, the red line, black line ( Or the blue one) Respectively received ballast, yellow green line 4, 5, 6, terminal blocks, and then put the gland nut and tighten.  4, three core power cables will have prepared through the introduction of the ballast input port device at one end, and introduces the ballast cavity, then L line ( Wire) , N line ( The midline) , respectively, received a ballast of ground of no.  1, 2, 3 a terminal, and the compression nut and tighten. 5, closed ballast box cover and tighten the bolt, the price of solar panels and then put the three core cable at the other end in accordance with the requirements of explosion-proof on 220 v power supply. 6, replacing light bulbs, cut off power supply first, check whether the chain hoist is hang up, and then use the hex wrench unscrew lamp shell six hex bolts, careful down of lamp body part, the body with the lamp shell, unscrew the old light bulbs with new bulbs. 
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