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The requirements of the solar street lamps to light pole?

by:SRS     2020-06-21

Solar street lamps to light pole what are the requirements? factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: 1, in accordance with the existing provisions of the state street lamp acceptance criteria.  2, size, shape, light pole lamps parameters as shown in the drawings 3, light pole, both inside and outside surface using galvanized anti-corrosion treatment after coating, the color will be subject to rendering, smooth surface, no color, no needle hole, no flow, no peeling phenomenon such as; Galvanized thickness not less than 85 microns, coating thickness of not less than 100 microns. 4, support bar, rail for high quality low carbon steel material, no sag and trace evidence, and with the main rod using hot dip galvanized, plastic spraying. 5, flange plate using plasma cutting forming, bright and clean, no burr, appearance beautiful, hole location accurately. 6, electric door using plasma cutting, precise size, smooth surface, smooth, and welding anti-theft devices and grounding device. 7, copper terminal quality meet the national electrical industry standard.  8, street lamp design wind speed is more than 35 m/s, the seismic degree is more than a magnitude 8, guarantee the normal work of the whole bar street lamp in bad weather conditions. 
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