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The principle of solar street light controller is introduced

by:SRS     2020-06-16

Solar controller is mainly used in household, commercial districts, factories, such as traffic, communication, pastoral areas in the solar power supply system. Suitable for all kinds of dc source, large quantities of form a complete set of light source has 12 v and 24 v ( 0 - 10A) Leds, energy-saving lamps, energy-saving lamps, high pressure sodium lamp, ordinary light bulbs, etc. According to the particularity of solar lighting products design. A drag load and load is supplied through the product all the way, there are 12 v and 24 v two systems. At night, solar street lamp controller optically controlled intelligent automatic open light load, with full voltage open mode, the energy-saving lamp and high pressure sodium lamp, etc. , can be a one-time light load and avoid multiple start load, prolong the life of the light source. Avoid put back, as long as it has been a put, the controller will lock, cut off the load automatically, thoroughly protect the battery, then avoid load flashing back and forth, damage the light source. Charging mode adopts high efficient PWM charging mode, increases the utilization of time; Normal straight charger, floating, rated voltage low current trickling water filling automatic control method make the system have a longer service life; Improve the efficiency of the system. In the battery to charge, will use the disconnect charging circuit. Have overcharge, discharge, battery polarity reverse connect protection, storage battery open circuit protection, solar cell polarity reverse connection protection and defence of the filling full automatic control, etc. There are intuitive LED light-emitting tube, reflect the working state of the current systems, let users to understand the situation. Advanced non-contact control, can be normal use in the cold, damp, high temperature environment, can adapt to bad environment outdoor place. Optically controlled intelligent open mode ( When it gets dark, solar battery voltage is less than 5 v load automatically opened, the day light battery voltage is higher than 6. More than 5 v load automatically cut off) Work, the system has the following two kinds of model, random set, electric start + put protection shutdown + timing delay shutdown mode, timing delay closing time can be arbitrarily set ( 2 h, 4 h, 6 h, 8 h, etc. ) .Solar street lamp controller can make the whole solar pv system is efficient, safe operation, coordinate the efforts of the solar panels, battery, load it, is a very important component in pv systems.Solar street lamp intelligent controller is mainly used in solar street light, LED solar lights, solar garden lights, solar power generation system, etc. 
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