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The new rural solar street light controller maintenance method is introduced

by:SRS     2020-05-09

Solar street lamps controller is widely used in the new countryside, the highway engineering lighting system, led solar street lamp manufacturer warranty period is two years commonly, many manufacturers because of the pressure of competition, career or other reasons, the street light project operator can't find the original solar street lamps controller manufacturers to after-sales service, so if I could use other led solar street lamp controller to replace it, as long as the details about the solar street light project configuration, can substitute, which is able to gm. The operators need to know what item, mainly two points: < p > a: the whole set of solar street light project configuration.  Need to know how many solar panels is W, how many AH battery, how much is the load W, how much is the overall system voltage, 12 v and 24 v. Installation of the project is, need to install the factory to provide these data, and try to save, so that the view in the future. 2: light source with driver  knowledge of the power of the light source, we also need to know if the LED light source with a driver. If not bring, built-in constant-current control with our all-in-one PC, it also know lamp bead configuration, is step-up or step-down, these data operation should be kept. If the data is not, of course, take a picture of the original controller directly, also can judge for reference, this is the most helpless way. The solar industry has already become the modern chaoyang industry, involves many areas such as photovoltaic power generation, can be said to be related to our life. It's alternative is brought by two different understanding, some think that there's no substantial novelty to attract them, while others think this kind of new energy products and high technology content, the overall tall, the product is worth promoting. Say selling point is there is a lot of, just to see if you think about it the ability of recognition. The new rural solar street light is in the face of such situation now. 
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