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The new rural construction, the necessity of installing solar street light

by:SRS     2020-03-29

Urban routines deep I'm going to go back to the countryside, rural road is more slippery formula is very complex, use words, were varied. Why the rural road is more slippery formula is very complex, because there is no big cities, rural construction in some rural road traffic is convenient. factory today will tell you about the new rural construction, the necessity of installing solar street light!  Here's why: first of all, the economic income of farmers is limited, if you use the mains streetlights, pay a sum of electricity every year, is very not worthwhile, and the new rural led solar street lamp use light energy conversion power, do not need to cost of electricity, cost-effective. The second, street lamp to occupy farmland, electric installation need excavation channel, occupation of land is more, but only the size of the storage battery need solar street lamps, requires no additional area, save manpower material resources. lighting effect is better, more worthy of the new rural construction investment and use. Comparing to the below we focus on the advantages of solar street light. 1, laying cost comparison: grid lamps need excavation channel, laying pipelines, and the need for cable laying led solar street lamp, save the cost of laying. 2, using temperature contrast: compared to the ordinary mains street light, LED street light in use process will not generate heat, won't appear black or blackened the phenomenon of the lampshade. 3, safety performance contrast: the common cold Yin lamp, electrodeless lamp on the market, by high voltage electrode brightly illuminated; LED solar street light are safe low voltage products, in use process reduce the security hidden danger.  4, environmental performance contrast: the traditional street lamp contains harmful heavy metals, and the LED solar street light do not contain harmful metals, spectral purity, illuminate the excluding infrared and ultraviolet light, the light does not contain radiation, won't produce light pollution, is a typical green lighting products.  5, electricity price comparison: 60 w LED street lamps use one year to produce electricity, for 250 w high pressure sodium lamp ordinary street lamp only 20% of the annual production of electricity, greatly saves electricity costs, solar street lamp is an ideal energy saving products.  6, illuminance contrast: can use 60 w LED solar street light illumination and 250 w high pressure sodium lamp illumination, greatly reduces the use of power; Using low power LED street lamp, can be combined with wind, solar, form the scenery complementary solar street light. 7, compared with the quality of life:the average service life of the traditional street lamp in 12000 hours, repair and replacement frequency is higher, both increased the cost, and affected the traffic; LED solar street light, the average life expectancy for 100000 hours, in accordance with the normal use of 10 hours a day, its service life can be up to more than a decade, and solar street lights are very good in waterproof, impact resistance, is a maintenance free product. That is about the new rural construction, the necessity of installing solar street light! Now a good rural construction continues to deepen, solar street lamps are increasingly widely used. 
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