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The monsoon rain trapped the pace of the solar street light

by:SRS     2020-11-12

recently for a period of time the rain trapped people's footsteps, trap solar street light work pace. Now during the summer, many clients often worry about is the solar street light work in the rainy day, now, solar street lamps factory is a simple statement for you work up on the status of the solar street light rainy day:

one is using the solar energy into electrical energy, solar energy street lamp lighting energy conservation and environmental protection equipment. 1, solar street light in the process of discharge, the ability to save electricity, solar street light is a solar panels absorb solar energy and then converted to electricity lighting equipment, ensure the normal operation of the lighting equipment, to use energy efficient, cut down the loss of its discharge, and then reach the effect of energy conservation and consumption reduction. 2 lithium battery has the ability to store electrical energy, solar energy, solar panels by electricity, if do not have storage batteries, lithium-ion batteries that the capital will be a waste, so the solar energy lithium battery to storage, have to meet and combined with solar panels to convert, lithium battery and solar energy storage capacity, the higher the better; 3, solar panels to convert solar energy into electrical energy in unit time ability: transformation ability is related to solar panels. Suppose an area temporarily rainy day, be about to use relatively large solar panels; Second, in order to make sure the solar street light can be a good finish the homework, for street lamp when the equipment is still important to look at rainy day lights and equipment. Because rainy day for solar street lamps light, and thus completes the rainy street lamp equipment to ensure the smooth finish durable solar street lamps engineering is very important. Rainy day can complete normal use solar street lamps, first is to ensure that the conversion of solar panels. In order to prevent solar street lamps in the rainy day appear the phenomenon of power, in the process of street lamp installation solar panels it is necessary to improve the conversion rate of pv solar street lamps lighting provide plenty of energy. The second is the lithium battery capacity of the equipment to ensure the solar street light with enough storage capacity, be to match the solar panels, high conversion rate. Is to do a good job in street lamp system installation to reduce internal discharge loss, energy saving lamp itself. Outdoor lighting professional solar street lamp manufacturers, technical quality as the core competitiveness, if you are interested in outdoor lighting project or have any questions, welcome to click, welcomed the call

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