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The misunderstanding that solar street light installation must be kept away

by:SRS     2021-06-17
Since its inception, solar street lights have been loved by customers at home and abroad. have helped various countries save much energy. In order to make the global environment better, many cities are now hurrying to buy and install solar solar street light. Introduce the misunderstandings that must be kept away from the installation of solar street light. 1. Do not install the lights on both sides. Some solar solar street light installers tilt the solar panels face to face. In order to make it beautiful, sometimes they may install the solar panels symmetrically with the solar panels facing the sun. It is correct, and the other side is definitely wrong, because the solar panel cannot be irradiated by the sun, the charging speed will be very slow, and it may not even be able to charge. 2. There is a problem with the angle adjustment of the solar panel during installation, resulting in low charging efficiency of the solar panel. When installing the solar panel, the angle should be adjusted so that the sun can directly shine on the solar panel, so that the solar panel can be charged efficiently. The biggest, solar panel angle adjustment, is to adjust according to the local dimension and road surface. 3. Do not extend the solar panel cable at will. There may be too many interferences to install solar panels. Many customers ask the construction team to separate the lights and solar panels for a long distance. Some customers may extend a distance of more than 10 meters, and then randomly Two-core wires are purchased in the market for connection. The quality of the wires sold on the market is not very good. One reason is that the cable is too long, which causes the line loss to increase, and the charging efficiency is reduced. Lighting time. Many customers did not pay attention to the above misunderstandings after purchasing solar street lights, which could easily lead to the failure of normal use of solar street lights. Therefore, it is best to consult professionals after purchasing. The above are the must-see installation misunderstandings related to the installation of solar street light. Introduced, I hope it can help everyone.
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