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The matters of attention in the installation of solar street lamps and troubleshooting methods

by:SRS     2020-03-25

In order to avoid failure, please adjust before set solar street lights, choose a sunny day. If set on a rainy day, light only electricity consumption after charging, the battery is bad, can't meet the design requirements. Note don't light at the end of the installation, the installation after the connection controller, but if we don't connect load, the second day after a day's charge during the day evening connected load, battery capacity will get higher. Of course, this will add some labor cost.The Angle of the solar street light panels is designed by the manufacturer in 45 degree Angle. This is to ensure good charge in winter. But the azimuth Angle is determined during the installation, the underground assembly of solar panels, after found standing pole, deviation Angle, generally not too offset is not adjusted. Solar panels of angular deviation is not only affect the charging, but also affect solar panels voltage under the same intensity of illumination, solar panel light time error is bigger. Therefore, when assembled on the ground, try to adjust the Angle of solar panels to make it consistent. Try not to keep out of solar panels, to set up lighting effect. A failure occurs after installing solar street lamp, generally can be divided into the following several ways:  1. Lamp holder, the cause of the fault line is poor contact, battery, storage capacity greatly decreased, under the condition of the line there is no problem to replace batteries. 2。 Charge indicator LEDI ( Green) Make the system voltage of the overvoltage rapid flashing, check whether the battery is open circuit or the battery is real connection. Charging circuit damage. 3。 Solar panels have voltage but cannot charge, LEDI don't light up the green light, check the controller of the solar panel connector side whether real contact.  4。 Load indicator LED3 ( Red) Rapid flashing, not short circuit and load.  5。 Check the load indicator LED3 ( Red) Light up, but the load action of the load side of the connection is not reliable.  6。 In order to protect the 6. LED2 shows red and did not load action of battery voltage, charge, please.  7。 Load indicator LED3 ( Red) Slow flashing, and didn't load action of the load power is too large.Of course, solar street lamp, failure is not caused by human factors and environmental factors, the main reason is the design of the solar street light itself, materials, etc. , quality is king. 
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