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The main solar street lamps lighting to be safe and comfortable

by:SRS     2021-04-20
With the development of economy, the social improvement of living standards, people have certain knowledge of energy-saving, environmental protection and attention. solar street lamp market grows steadily, and once again showed the new development opportunity. Many technical * *, discussed how to use the LED lighting of road, good * respectively from environment becomes safer, more comfortable road lighting design, user experience and scientific evaluation, the LED light source, solar energy street light technology and product application, the humane direction of further development. Solar street light street lighting standards related to the product you need to follow in compliance, such as the illumination of the ground and the brightness of the manufacturers to focus on the LED light source lamp, solar street lamp lighting quality and customer focused on the specific environment. Lighting efficiency and light quality, it is a relationship between conversion factors and the environment. Therefore, in installation of street lamp lighting products, many of the specific research needs to be done. Solar street lighting lighting products allow customers pay attention to whether there is a glare, comfortable white light and high enough illuminance. Not only refers to the strength of the solar energy product itself, and the application effect of energy saving province electricity, based on safety and comfortable lighting environment, it is a * * of the index. The sun may provide the road safety, street lighting, you first need to meet the basic safety requirements. Second, it needs further consideration visual comfort, including color temperature, intensity of illumination, brightness, uniformity, glare and environmental factors. In general, the strength of the streets and sidewalks, small light intensity contrast, lighting products, the effect is very easy to get approval. In general, the warm white LED is comfortable. Warm white LED road lighting is good choice, just think this is not enough. Cold white LED road lighting is the choice of a temporary in the market, the warm white LED road lighting is the right choice. Warm white as technology advances, the leader can properly solve the contradiction of energy saving and comfortable.

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