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The main reason for the solar street light price range

by:SRS     2020-12-22

solar street light price range is caused by the product itself and the market environment of the influence of many aspects, but the impact of solar street light price is a very important factor is related equipment needed for solar street lamps. Because of different places, because of the different programming environment, and different natural climate condition, the corresponding equipment also needs to adjust, so price nature also will have the gap, which will affect the price of solar street light.

solar street light

the solar street light is by solar energy collection and then converted into electrical energy, during which need to use functions such as stable and outstanding sealed battery as a discharge device for light sources tend to be more intelligent, so in this process because of the difference of science and technology, the function and the use of the effect is also different, so the higher the content of science and technology, the function is more perfect, use also more intelligent, solar street light price will be increased accordingly.

the vast area in our country, so the degree of different region to accept the sun is not the same, so affected by climate and season, using the high frequency region, also to compare cheaper solar street lamp, if the application is less, you need to invest cost will be higher, so the price of solar street light will be relatively high.

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