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The installation of solar street lights to reduce accidents of the countryside

by:SRS     2021-02-18
The installation of solar street light to reduce the incidence of the rural, rural install solar street light has become a trend, more and more rural began to install solar street lamp, also more and more rural people by the benefits of solar street lamps, one of the biggest benefits, in addition to peer convenient, also greatly reduced the incidence of countryside. Rural areas narrow roads, night of urban roads more than light dark, and rainy days the road slippery, rain puddles, open circuit, snakes and so on, the rural road at night, it's dangerous. But the emergence of solar street lamps, solved these problems, with the solar street light, the rural road safety a lot at night. Anhui chuzhou Mr Zhang's wife works in a food factory, the factory is the system of the three shifts, when the middle shift, to work until 12 o 'clock, passing through a period of relatively narrow mountain road, the road as long as more than a metre wide and steep, rain, snow, all want to carefully out of the car, fall down a lot of people here, some even rolled to the foot injury. Every time for his wife's safety, Mr. Zhang is to meet her in intersection, especially in the rain and snow weather, Mr. Zhang is worry. Since installed solar street light, it is much better, a street lamp every 20 meters. Then, at night to connect fully, the stones on the road is clearly visible, even on a rainy day, solar street lamp can light up mountain road, zhang don't have to worry about his wife's safety. Editorial: solar street light is very suitable for the rural roads of electricity is not easy to use, can be used in all kinds of complicated geological environment, from the cost of laying cable input, reduce the difficulty of the construction, greatly reduce the installation cost, more important, solar street light without electricity, use of lower cost, for the rural people on the road at night, provides a great convenience, improve their safety. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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