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The installation of solar street lights maintenance method resolution

by:SRS     2020-04-19

Manufacturer at the time of construction was carried out on the road, usually in the road will be installed on either side of the street lamp, so that people in the evening, will become more convenient, and can enhance living comfort. And with more people demand for street lamps, the number of street lamp brands on the market is also growing. In order to buy suitable for street lamps, so to understand of street lamp manufacturers, it is very important. The installation of solar street light maintenance methods first, when to know manufacturer, should understand somewhat to the manufacturer's technical. Normally, a high-profile manufacturers, has its own r&d department, so innovation ability some relatively stronger. Some relative to many different kinds of lamps, selective relatively bigger. Not only that, the corresponding quality can be guaranteed. Second, when to know manufacturer, also should be to understand the specific installation method. Because of the increasing cost of artificial now, and when to install, relatively simple, for the enterprise, so can save cost, and bring more economic benefits to the enterprise. But at the time of install, to test the insulation should be, and the reason for the corresponding test, main purpose is to ensure the safety. Because of street lamp posts, all is to use iron products, once has the leakage situation, will cause certain influence to the safety. At the same time should tighten screw, ensure a street lamp installed firmly. When was carried out on the street lamp manufacturers to understand, of course, also should be the lights on the relevant matters needing attention, so that when in use, can reduce mistakes happen. No matter what product, in daily use process, will appear the situation of the damage. Once has the damage situation, then it should be timely maintenance. But at the time of maintenance, to ensure that the overall maintenance effect, then it should be to understand the working principle of concrete. Especially in the use of solar energy street light, it is very important to master the specific maintenance methods. Even so, also should have some idea for solar street light manufacturer. Because different manufacturers, in the street lamp, processing production, the methods are different, of course, the quality of the lamps will naturally exist certain differences. First, in the process of daily use, the whole street lamp is not bright, should be to check the corresponding problems. Although is in outdoor use, and longer time in the hot weather, and street lamp controller, the lights are usually installed in the pole. Since like this, it is easy to cause controller into the water, and then appear the phenomenon of short circuit. So in this case, it should be observed, if there is water. If found that water, all is likely to be damaged, so for such a situation, should be to replace the controller. Second, also should be to understand light flashing situation, under normal circumstances, the main cause of this fault, poor contact or lines. Loss of electric power battery. So this time, should be to replace battery. If road lights light time is shorter, of course, it is possible that the battery down, also want to replace batteries. So when to understand specific maintenance method, to understanding of led solar street lamp factory, it is very important. Yangzhou glow electric technology co. , LTD, independent research and development production of solar street light. Welcome customers to come to consult.
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