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The installation of LED solar street lamp?

by:SRS     2020-05-11

Installation of LED solar street light what method is there? Solar street lamps factory small make up to you, the main contents are as follows: < p > 1, the connection of the controller. Should try to use waterproof controller to ensure long-term stability at the same time, also can avoid the user change lights on time. Such as using the controller is not waterproof, due to the terminal blocks down, wiring a u-shaped bend, this can prevent water from online pour into the controller. New energy has developed comprehensive waterproof patent controller. Installation time. Should be installed in sunny day, if installed in rainy day, after the lights charging power consumption not only, can not meet the design requirements.  2, the Angle of the panels, general factory is designed according to the 45 degree Angle, this is to ensure that the winter can have a good charge. But direction Angle is determined by the installation time, underground assembly of solar panels, found after the set up light pole Angle deviation, if partial, generally will not adjust. The angular deviation in addition to affect the charging thought, will also affect the voltage of solar panels under the same light, will cause the LED solar street lamp lights time error is larger. Therefore, when assembled on the ground, try to adjust the Angle of solar panels. 3, installed lights should not be on the same day. Many engineering contractor to eager to see the light effect, installed the evening lights. Because the new battery in the delivery time is not full of electricity, if installed lights, is the number of rainy days can not meet the design. Is the right thing, after the installation, then good controller, but don't pick up the load, the second day Bai Tianchong after one day, the evening to pick up the load, thus the capacity of the battery can achieve a higher degree. Of course, part of doing so would increase labor cost.
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