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The importance of the solar controller for solar street light

by:SRS     2020-07-14

In the lamps and lanterns of solar street light and solar garden light, solar controller has a pivotal position! Solar street light quality, directly affects the life of solar street light. A high quality of street lamp controller should have the following functions:  1, electric automatic open and shut down, regular shutdown, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 hours) ; 2 with temperature compensation function, charge control, PWM three than a simple controller to improve the charging efficiency 30%;  3, single/double lamp work mode selected; 4, battery SOC discharge process automatic control ( Greatly improve the ability to resist the continuous rainy days, prolonging the life of the battery also) ;5, battery over discharge protection;  6, the counter-attack filling, meter, over current and short circuit protection, etc. ;  7, manual reset. In the combination of solar street lamp, in addition to the light source, street light controller is also very important parts. Solar controller includes: the effect of light-operated switch machine, lamp work timing, control of battery charging and discharging, single/double lamp mode control, the battery capacity monitoring, as well as the short circuit, over-current, prevent the reverse polarity, the counter-attack, line lightning protection and other protection function. Controller design and quality is directly related to the efficiency and reliability of street lamp. 
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