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The importance of correct cleaning solar street light?

by:SRS     2020-05-08

Due to the industry gradually mature led solar street lamp, a growing number of led solar street lamp manufacturer in the competition. With the loss of the price, the development of light also improved. So what the solar street light cleaning and what's the difference between ordinary street lamp? Let's look at the cleaning process is how to operate. Solar street light with beautiful appearance, but its cleaning is also a very complicated process, it and other cleaning fluorescent lamp is different. Solar street light is a big cleaning process, we usually have solar light cleaning commissioner. Its types are divided into a variety of different types of cleaning all have different light source, the lights on the market at present is to save time lasting a variety, the use of the general production process is forging and casting. It's clean what's different about the type, it is usually used to clean? Choose different cleaner of the different types of lights. General is the use of special dedicated to wipe clean water or cleaning cream, can also be used in the chemical store to buy citric acid, citric acid diluted with water to soak overnight, then in the cleaning project, it also has a lot of attention, do not pay attention to words may lead to damage of the wick. Although has been developing led solar street lamp, but clean the problem still cannot be ignored. Due to the different with traditional ordinary street lamp, determines the cleaning process is more complicated. If do not pay attention to words are more likely to cause damage. Choose quality assured factory, of course, also is particularly important. 
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