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The future will be very cheap and efficient solar street lamps

by:SRS     2021-01-25
In the future will be very cheap and efficient solar street lamps we have had a lot of prospects of solar street lamps, can be very clearly found that the development of the solar street light condition is very good, but the development speed is quite amazing, in the future, will be very cheap solar street lamps, and efficiency will also high. Future pv panels of solar street light efficiency is very high, utilization of sunlight, will be more than several times now, and the form of pv panels will be more diversified, especially the application of solar panels, soft membrane will replace hard solar panels now, like a sticker of photovoltaic panels, can stick on the lamp post, so that requirement towards the intensity of the light pole will reduce a lot, also will reduce a lot of cost. In addition, the capacity of the battery will be many times larger, and will be compressed very small volume, is no longer hold a few jins of battery, is likely to be a 100 ah battery will only mobile phone size, the price also will be very cheap. The light source of the future, will be predominantly cold light source, LED several times even more than now, almost no heat loss.
in the future not only can lighting, solar street lamps and able to give the vehicle charging
in the future not only can lighting, solar street lamps and able to give the vehicle charging in the future, with the efficiency of solar panel and battery capacity increasing, the storage of solar street lamps lighting electric power will be much more than itself demand, so, redundant power can do what things? Extra power for charging the pedestrian phone solar street lamps, electric car, car charge, these extra power will be more convenient people's life demand. In every near the base of the solar street lamps, will build a small parking space, and several charging interface, can give 5 - at the same time 10 electric bicycle charging, also can give small electric vehicle charging, when the electric battery, no longer need to carry out hundreds of meters or several kilometers to find charging pile, every 20 - 40 meters of solar street light is charging pile, see the street light, is to see the charging device, as long as the coin or scan code, can be fast charging. Every solar street lamp, equivalent to a small power station, power except to electric vehicle charging, also may have the excess electricity to power grid, to meet the demand of the city.

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