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The future trend of the solar street lamps?

by:SRS     2020-03-30

Since solar street light, because of the advantages of energy saving, durable, received unanimous recognition. Today if sun lighting manufacturer and you about, the future trend of the solar street lamps? Below we said exhibition by three points: the first: more energy saving, solar street lamps need to continuously improve technical content to solve the problem of short service life of the solar street light, need better intelligent control technology, more efficient photoelectric conversion efficiency. Intelligent control technology to improve power efficiency, both to protect the storage battery. mainly lies in the short service life of the protection of storage battery and the improper use, or control the depth of the storage battery charging and discharging. The second is to improve the lighting efficiency, the first way is to use a more efficient luminescence materials, but at present the space of LED street light efficiency is very small. You will need to rational utilization of energy by controlling equipment.So the link, the controller is the key. Currently for a major breakthrough is the source of solar energy technology co. , LTD.  Of guangdong yu, its controller USES digital control technology, the same configuration USES yu controller can be the source of power saving 80%, and the rational utilization of energy, effectively protect the storage battery. Its product life also significantly increase, generally they have regular solar street light lamp lengthen 3 - Five times the service life. The second: intelligent solar street lamps, and integrated into the Internet of things technology the future with the development of intelligent city, more intelligent technology will merge and street lamp. Street lamp placed in the streets of the city, at present most of the country also installed solar street lamp, carrier is an excellent intelligent devices. Technology development makes the lamp to be able to realize remote control and self-checking function, can also be effective to join traffic, security, cultural entertainment equipment, integrated into the Internet of things technology, make street light more efficient service for the society.The third: solar street lights will be more integrated into the culture element customized led solar street lamp is a major feature of the industry, but now began to solar street lamps, in response to the base price bidding, solar street lamp modelling is simple, generally have design feeling lights everyone copied each other. Recently I had an interview with yu the source of the sun company, found that the original design the solar street light many ethnic cultural characteristics. The national features of solar energy street light with the local landscape, architecture and the national dress worn form a good match, and the environment is harmonious fusion, reveal the national characteristic, also played a very good lighting lighting effect. Given the solar street light more artistic and cultural connotation, the customization and solar street lamps with humanistic characteristics will be the future development of a big trend. 
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