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The future of solar street lights will probably see the solar panels

by:SRS     2021-01-22
Future solar solar street light will likely see solar panels, solar solar street lamp, now has a very obvious signs, is at the top of the light pole, sticking with one or two or several large solar panels, very conspicuous, far see will know that it is the solar street light. However, in the future, perhaps this pattern will change, because a solar solar street light panels in a square to about two square area, and surface area of the light pole can achieve such a square number, so, in theory, if can make full use of the surface area of the light pole, is completely can now support style of solar panels. This requires the development and utilization of solar panels, soft membrane current soft film solar cells is crystalline silicon solar panels, however, the efficiency of amorphous silicon solar panels is very low, and the price is very expensive, the current technology, also can't completely replace the bracket style of solar panels, so, the developing direction of two 1, continue to improve the efficiency of amorphous silicon panels and softness, and the efficiency of amorphous silicon panels at least to be able to achieve the efficiency of polycrystalline and monocrystalline silicon now, softness and softer than now, this technology would be a breakthrough in the future, perhaps. 2, develop new type soft membrane panels to find new photovoltaic materials, replace silicon solar panels now, this is also a new way of human use of solar energy, believe that in the future, humans can have important discoveries, the idea is to achieve in life. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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