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The future of solar street lights will play the role of more and more widely

by:SRS     2021-01-25
Future solar street lamps will play the role of more and more widely in the future we prospect of solar street lamps, there are a lot of, in the future, with the improvement of the efficiency of solar panels and batteries, the lower prices, and the increase of the power, the role of solar street lights will be more extensive. The role of the solar street lamps, now will be far more than people imagine, shape also will produce a great change, in the future, solar street light panels will be very big, shape also is not now, one or two giant solar panels, but like a tree, each leaf, is a solar panels, as long as put on each leaf, will continuously to the solar street light system input current. Every blade of solar street lamps will be made up of 10 to 30 watts efficient panels, each branches have dozens of solar street lamps, or even hundreds of such blade, the power can be achieved in a few kilowatts, or even tens of thousands of watts. It would be far beyond the itself demand of solar street light, redundant power can do more for the purpose. 1, recharge vehicles can be set under the 'tree' of the solar street light charging pile, the pile interface can be directly for car battery 2, to charge on the road the pedestrian mobile phone has no electricity, no longer need to worry about the problem of charging, everywhere is the solar street light with charging interface, as long as you pick up, you can charge. 3, the wireless signal towers every solar street light also have the effect of towers, launch wireless WIFI, do not need to consume the flow of mobile phone 4 each solar street light, emergency communication, there is a emergency communication function, meet an emergency, you can use the solar energy street light contact the relevant units of the emergency communications devices. 5, monitoring, capturing function every solar street lamps, have monitor and capture device, and will monitor to the command center. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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