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The future of solar street light will be a 'tree'

by:SRS     2021-01-26
Future solar street lights will be a 'tree' the solar street light, we see now is a light pole, sticking out the above two large solar panels, this is the classic style of solar street lamps, now if you imagine what it's like to be the future of solar street lamp, how much can you think of? First think, the future of solar panels, solar street lamps should power a few bigger, appearance should be more good-looking, or solar panels is round? These are nothing, solar street light like in the future will be more than you think. Plant leaves, as we all know, the utilization of solar energy is the highest, perhaps, the future of the solar street light, will be like the trees, 'covered with branches and leaves, each leaf is a small solar panels, many of the blade, form an integral part of the solar street light tree. On each blade, there is an interface that can be directly inserted in the 'branches' to deliver current of the whole system, maintenance is very convenient, in the control system, for every 'blade' performance monitoring indicator, different color represents different meaning, panel is broken, can be found easily broken 'blade', just take the replacement. Like a leaf is folded leaves, be helpful for easier use of sunlight, and the leaf form is more conducive to the whole street light wind resistance. The entire system USES a super-efficient solar cell chip, can absorb the solar energy, except to light lamps and redundant power for charging the vehicle, can be transported to the grid, for the life of people. The future solar street light, will be an era of bionic solar street light, the side of the road, a small tree, perhaps is a solar street light. Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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