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The future of new cold light source will improve the efficiency of the solar street light again

by:SRS     2021-01-24
The future of the new type of cold light source will improve the efficiency of the solar street light again the solar street light system is a closed system, from the power supply to the storage to discharge, has to be done in the system of internal, don't need to input power of the outside world, but the closed system has its inherent defects, mainly is the low efficiency of the solar panels, storage capacity is small. In order to be able to use the smallest energy to create more bright and human on the light source adopts the very high luminous efficiency of LED as light source, solar street lamps will be more and more electrical energy into light energy, at present, the solar energy street lamp bead efficiency reached more than 75% and the efficiency of lamps and lanterns has reached more than 85%. So, where are the rest of the 25% energy, why not become light? Loss is mainly on the heat loss, if we can the rest of the 25%, the solar street light would be much brighter than we see today. Heat loss is mainly embodied in the following areas 1, LED light source, is to heat, the heat is not only a waste, but also increased the burden of lamp bead, reduce the service life of lamp beads, we have to put these heat transfers by heat transfer to the radiator. Not only reduced the luminous efficiency, but also adds additional cooling costs. 2, at the time of light through the lens and toughened glass, part of light energy absorbed by the lens and glass and become heat and wear and tear. So, is there a light source can be no heat loss? Scientific personnel through the fireflies and glowing animals found that bioluminescent, is few heat loss, this gives us great inspiration, if you can apply this luminous material to solar street lamps, will completely change today light use efficiency, would trigger a revolutionary reform, believe in the near future, humans can apply this kind of cold light source to solar street lamps, solar street light more efficient! Serious warning: this article prohibited reproduced or copied! All rights reserved: WWW. yzmdgd。 com
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